who do gangstalkers target. apk apps can be downloaded and installed on Android 4. "Don't tell them 'I don't want anything do with you. Clinton Involved in Biggest Treason in History – Kevin Shipp. Melissa April 5th, 2013 at 7:58 PM. The community notifications will go out to various places. For those interested in Shielded Areas (work in progress), please see my article on how I’ve built and bought shielding areas for protection at home. Gang-stalking is police sting operations, your government is Fascist and it's officer's organize stalking of people and do it for sport and to justify their jobs!Police recruit their relatives and their friends and their girlfriends into gang-stalking as well and those people get paid cash by law enforcement under the table for stalking targets of…. Here in Part 2, I’ll do a deeper dive, examining the intersection of conspiracy theories and shared delusions in the internet era. Brighting As targets walk on the street, usually at night, civilian spies/snitches will turn on their high beams. Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says what Hillary Clinton did with her charity and Uranium One while she was Secretary of State was a crime for the history books. (Photo By Darkened figures descend into the Chicago subway. Those who target us appear to have no regard for life. Search: How do gangstalkers track you. The gangstalkers and electronic harassers in Washington, DC harassing targeted individuals openly call themselves COINTELPRO. Psychological murder is VERY real - it can end as Murder or Attempted Murder; either way leaving the victim disabled or dead. Another group who is targeted are people who have been falsely impersonated in legal disputes-civil matters to be precise; corporate law and other libelous circumstances. >>15474364 >Rino's is your Target (Anons Know) So was thinking of creating a thread for that. Yes, gang stalking can be stopped depends on the lie the person told to the organi. They're using mobile apps and digital surveillance software. 23:45 - A special enforcement team of sorts places a high value target of the riot under arrest. It's also being said that these people are the subject of gang stalking, that is to say that organized groups of individuals are tracking them everywhere they go, adopting all kinds of behaviors around them, commenting about the target's privacy and using all sorts of tactics in order to harass. Reflect On:Will the rollout of 5G prove to be the ultimate catalyst for humanity to awaken and change our. Electronic torture, Brain zapping, Cooked alive, Electromagnetic mind control, Electromagnetic murder, Electromagnetic torture, Electronic murder, Microwave murder, Microwave torture, Organized murder, No touch torture, People zapper is used to torture and murder people. After all, they LOVE to be challenged because it gives them the opportunity to get on-the-job training and to show the newcomer GangStalkers what happens when a target is defiant. I believe there is a reason that so many tens of . RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. Reflect On: Will the rollout of 5G prove to be the ultimate catalyst for humanity to awaken and change …. Stalking is a distinctive form of criminal activity composed of a series of actions that taken individually might constitute legal behavior. “Given this country’s tortured history of over-surveillance of Black and brown …. This is a new way that evil people with money use to entertain themselves. Webmaster’s Websites (Toto Enterprises, Inc. Come on, in terms of technology and computer, 16 years ago is like, you know, prehistoric. The target is forced to fight to live as typical a daily life as is attainable in the course of the assaults on every aspect of their daily life, even though their normal pursuits, function, study, finances, are destroyed. God's Holy Prophets Enoch and Elijah will return and witness and fight against the Antichrist. The electronic harassment that accompanies organized stalking is also . In the respects that they think they are it is an illusion they have been fed by the sources that monitor TIs. " "slander campaign": the foundation of gs. You should not care about who the voice is, you can be deceived by them if you allow them to direct your thoughts down that path. If they act like nothing has happened and if they are able to do regular things without any problem, they are probably playing you. Every time the target moves, the same information, lies, and slander will be spread out into the new community and the systemic. on April 29, 2012: I worked for a company that was part of the largest union in the world ,not to mention the name of the union. So what you can do theoretically, is you can target an individual's brain, they may have auditory hallucinations where they hear things, which is actually quite common with microwaves. They first target you with a radio in close proximity to you which is transmitting very low frequency transmissions around 40 hz’s, google 40 hz. Yes, NinchXD, one of the most important years in the 1975 - 2025 time window to do energy work is the year 2020. Usually, in order to recruit people. You may feel an anxious feeling in your body or become flattered by the attention. The use of Gym /tan Bug Spray™. They call themselves "Today Heroes". Gangstalkers With Get How To Even. The target most likely does not know the perpetrators [1] of the gang-stalking; 3. Of itself, Mobbing is not equated with Gang Stalking. They do not store directly personal information, but are based on uniquely identifying your browser and internet device. Gang stalking is also a Felony, when the stalking activity results in the death of the targeted. Another law makes it a crime to use an electronic communication device to distribute personal information of another person without their consent, and with the intent to harass them or cause. 15 Signs Someone Stole Your Identity — How to Spot. Who gets targeted? Targeting can happen . What Do We Call This? There are several terms that you might think have to do with hacking medical and nanotechnology, but the truth is, we don’t yet have a term for this specific set of actions and topics. Gang-stalking is also known as group-stalking, vigilante-stalking and predatory gang-stalking but it is mobbing and involves a group or mob of people bullying other people not in the group or mob. GangStalkers using psychological profiles of their targets. Have nothing to do with Apostate Rome (second beast of Apocalypse 13). The invasive spying and disorientation tactics used by the East German secret police ( Stasi) meant there were significantly fewer. Researchers Unravel The Motives Of. It is very scarey and creepy making me and my brother sick and we know this person but haven't had no contact in thirty years until we moved we didn't know she. Even when you do submit evidence, don’t send incoherent ramblings, piles of notes, sketches, pictures, etcetera. members who are unidentified as gangstalkers to the outside world. The gangstalkers are trying to hurt you. Some claim that gangstalkers are trying to drive their victims mad in order to delegitimize them. Phase 1 - New Target, but unaware. Stop Gangstalking Awareness Group. Find your elected Congressperson by entering your zip code @house. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 02:45, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Arda. Amazon Delivery Late Again? Here’s How to. It inevitably leads to a horrible place. Gang Stalking is a systemic form of control, which seeks to destroy every aspect of a Targeted Individuals life. A targeted Individual is anyone who is a victim of Gangstalkers. Days after expressing fear for his life from Fresno police on Facebook, whistleblower John Lang, 51, was stabbed to death as his house was burned down by arson. fancy boys and cam girls should not be your source of information. You Might Not Be the Victim of Gang Stalking. This may go on for say, 15 minutes. The Problem of Gangstalking in Australia. Please do not threaten or harass anyone - Targeted Justice only seeks non-violent solutions. False files will even be produced on the target, shown to neighbours, family, store keepers. Torture and murder of Targeted Individuals who are slowly killed by invisible microwave beams from overhead UAV's or drones for the purpouse of fraudulantly claiming massive sums of life insurance that the criminal entity pay for posing as friends. Gangstalking (also known as Gang Stalking) is when Gangstalkers commit organised crime, even torture, on individuals who said Gangstalkers target. Quote: The group allegedly conducted police-like operations, surveilling supects, writing reports and running background checks by illegally accessing the Interior Ministry’s protected datafiles. The gang-stalking phenomenon would thus appear to be relatively common. The gangstalkers also usually utilize various methods to inflict chronic physical discomfort in their targets. The Truth about Martin Cain of Dylan Energy. That’s about the only place I can put my math where it won’t disappear. What is a Targeted Individual?. Skydio claims that its software can even predict a target’s next move, be that target a pedestrian or a car. And "Martin Cain" Criminal Activity for any "Martin Cain" - Got a Tip, Email me at [email protected] Down,they run to the Hospital are given deliberatate False menatl diagnoses throw them back out into the Streets for the GangStalkers to do this over and over and over and over,eventaually when enough diagnoses are made they set the target up/how whelp they'll provoke a relapse,then when the target is in a bad neighborhood and after they have. They try to make the target think its the cia doing with with invisible hitech weapons so target makes a scene and blaims the cia (who indeed might suck cock but that is irrelevant) All the gangstalkers want is violence, terrorism and they want to use portalpeople to act against the cia because little gangstalking perps who live for gossip and. Targeted Individuals believe they're being subject to "growing crimes of organized stalking, surveillance, abuse and electronic harassment. How to Contact Amazon About a Late Delivery. Stop Gangstalking Awareness Group is a non-profit dedicated to bringing awareness and education of …. About track do you gangstalkers How. Mind Games: The Tortured Lives of ‘Targeted Individuals. Gang-stalking is mobbing under another name although it can imply mobbing by a group of more than one target. Some Targeted Individuals are subject to remote sexual attacks with the advanced electronic technology. 3,992 likes · 8 talking about this. The term “gaslighting” refers to when someone manipulates you into questioning and second-guessing your reality. Gangstalking is difficult to understand if it isn't happening to you. Sexual assault is also a real fear, as one in three women is the target of sexual violence each year (eighty percent of the time by someone they know). A manual or automated system using a large number of fake user accounts to repeatedly present a particular point of view in the hope of swaying public opinion to that point of view. Perhaps the targeted individuals are pointing to the noise we have stopped hearing. Anyone can get away with something once. the gangstalkers won't stop lying about us and they won't stop lying about themselves. The spokesman for the SCPD referred to Gangstalking as “Bullying on Steroids. The highest ritual holiday is the member's birthday. Play it cool no matter what they do!. Students or Registerd ganGStalkers because they have been getting by THOUSAND’S of targets doctors and other’s tat the demonic animals responsible for propping up everything a target experinces do propp up people in adjacent apartments around a victim for harrassment and staged event’s Google it Evidences thaty are in and to be added. Listen to What Do the Gang Stalkers Want? on Spotify. The volunteers must also believe it is their patriotic duty to harass and menace targeted individuals. He is a military veteran, and his work was the subject of a FOX News program. The palpitations can describe two events. Neo-Nazis target nearly anyone who vocally disagrees with their political worldview — which essentially means anyone who isn’t a racist white person and is public about their views. They wish to make the target became violent, so that he …. To-do lists help get everything that is jumbled in your brain onto a place where it’s fully retained and exists until it is crossed off. Made copper necklace from ground wire from hardware store. Put on the Armor of God in Ephesians 6. Advice for the Targeted Individual and Gang Stalking Victim by T. How to survive gaslighting: when manipulation erases your. When you are a victim of Organized Gang Stalking, you will see an influx of cars in your neighborhood/town/city with the following: Missing hubcap (s), sparkly hubcaps. It is fairly weird stuff and hard to fathom but does explain their. It's like looking through a mirror and seeing the old world still going on but unable to get in it or access it. Phase 4 – Target has a full understanding. • gangstalking manual official. These voices tend to be threatening of nature and often are used to induce sleep deprivation, which is a sensory deprivation torture technique. " -- Mike Pompeo, former CIA Director. Individuals and groups (known as gangstalkers) are using radio frequency waves and electromagnetic energy to electronically target and harm people. There are many targeted individuals whom report a kind of Occult . A gangstalker is similar to a gang member, except the. About gangstalkers by used Apps. At the time it started I was a stay-at-home mother with a tiny home-business, but had just applied to work at a school where I planned to work part-time while …. It's called Gang Stalking, because the target is followed around and placed . Usually, in order to recruit people to torture…. Targeted individuals might observe stalkers talking to them like as if they are under their control like a dog. In my believe, not everyone can be a target. Family friend of 22 years was paid off and is working with the gangstalkers. If you want to add your photo so it shows next to all your comments, upload it here using the same email address used for …. 5 million people are stalked every year. Gangstalking is a clandestine war that is waged on a targeted person by a earmarked government . The key to success with getting a more even plant canopy is to get the grow lights close and powerful. Phase 2 - Evident attacks but target confused. Use your computer keyboard to play Still D. I really didn't choose this adventure, it choose me about seven years. All batteries degrade over time though, so look for a significant and sudden change, rather than a gradual deterioration. Implants are used for mind control and brainwashing. , “people are very unlike one another, but the real difference between people you do not know and cannot see. Gangstalkers : Military Psyops Techniques to Condition a Targeted Person Through Stress to Have a Stress Response to Specific Items or Phrases PO- PsyOp- Psychological Operations, - US Military states that the ultimate goal of PO is to modify the behavior of the TA (TI) by destroying their will. who hires gangstalkers, do gangstalkers get paid, who do gangstalkers target, how much do gangstalkers get paid, who pays gangstalkers Police gangstalking is a term that describes the harassment and. Photograph: Clarissa Bonet) In 1919, the psychoanalyst Viktor Tausk published his famous paper “On the Origin of the ‘Influencing Machine’ in Schizophrenia”, in which he wrote about patients who. This website was designed and constructed primarily for the Targets of Covert Psychotronic Abuse, Electronic Harassment and Organised Gang-stalking but all are welcome whom are willing to stand for Truth, Human Rights and Freedom. People in the targets community are told that the target is a thief, into drugs, a prostitute, pedophile, crazy, in trouble for something, needs to be watched. There are already groups set up to make targets look mentally…. Stalking can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. Who hires gangstalkers Who hires gangstalkers. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. They will also break in and do small damage to items the target owns. They had a job to do and they did it just as they planned and practiced for. They do this in part by relentlessly harassing the target nonstop throughout the day and night. The second-worst thing anybody can do is to let the gangstalkers know they are getting to you. Mind of a Stalker: Why Torment Someone?. World Vision articles home sign guestbook Authors comments are in green. Remember all those gold , and silver stars on the windows during the Viet Nam war?. Gangstalkers (psychopaths) do not have the ability to empathize nor love, they also lack compassion and remorse. This money should be used for the support of poor little children. Organized stalking is worldwide and is also called contract stalking or gang stalking. Targeted Individual (@gang_stalkers) • Instagram photos and videos. Individuals and groups (known as gangstalkers) are using radio frequency waves and electromagnetic energy to electronically target, harm, and kill people. Gang Stalking is a very methodical crime to. 9255 Email: info at circulatesd. This is done via slander campaigns, and lies. - INFRASOUND transmissions very intense in Bay Area, public storage, apartment buildings - they always take the second floor in buildings. The testimony in all the broadcasts/podcasts are real iLife events, and occurring in present day society. These acts might include blaming the target for a gang member's mistakes or taking credit for what the victim accomplished. GangStalkers Threatining Physical Violence. They are the size of a cell phone. Search: Apps Used By Gangstalkers. who hires gangstalkers, do gangstalkers get paid, who do gangstalkers target, how much do gangstalkers get paid, who pays gangstalkers Jun 11, 2016 · bought prime waterfront real estate unknowingly in …. Ex Gang Stalking Operative Explains Tactics and Motives In this rare radio interview , ex gang stalker explains us why Targeted Individuals are being selecte. Gangstalker Admits Politicians Are Funding (Government Sponsored) Suicide Gangstalking Program. Distributing flyers is probably the single most powerful tactic for fighting back against America's Stasi goon squads. Organized Gang Stalking, also known as Gang Stalking, Cause Stalking, Organized Vigilante Stalking, Stalking by Proxy, Community-Based Harassment, and Covert War,are essentially harassment and discrediting campaigns waged against a targeted individual Citizens and. While brain mapping you, experimenting on you, and keeping you stuck in the magic show, so no one will listen to you. There are some things you can do to make them crazy. Noise Harassment Campaigns Depriving the target of sleep is a really good way of leaving the target stressed out. This is a separate network that allows the FBI to communicate with Fusion Centers and Infragard, and conspire against Targeted Individuals. Perhaps one will develop in the future as they become more prevalent in everyday medical use. These coordinated efforts then join hands with others for this systemic form of control and harassment. The targets don’t actually change, because we don’t want TOO many people fighting back at us. There are savages, there are mechanized people, there are intellectual people, there are geniuses. Hunted by half the world for 30 years in secret and not even a reason why- More at: www. However, they try hard to convince you that you two are meant to be. FBI Whistleblower Geral Sosbee was a FBI agent, attorney-at-law, and judge in his career. Many people report being stalked by their ex, their ex's lover or spouse, or, more rarely, some random nut job who believes their victim . Askenaski Jews And Black Boule Forcing Pan Pedophilia Upon Small Children by Richwallet: 8:52pm On Mar 11. Predatory Gangstalkers use state-of-the-art technology coupled with law-enforcement- style surveillance tactics. If you buy a new sweater, they might break in and cut holes in it. the target is let known that they are being watched and ICU was a good example of that starzi gangstalking game everyone is complaining about. I had to hire a lawyer for $10,000. Research is being done through other agencies to see the impact gang stalking or community mobbing has on a target. The circle of predatory gangstalkers widens with time. The microwave beams generally target the head and cause long-term brain damage. They will go behind the targets back and tell lies about them. $cientology's "Fair Game" Policy. do ban a self-declared christian --in meaning satanist-- priest who video records and surveils me and / or my parental family. It does seem as if someone has through-wall radar and is "enjoying" its use. That's one of the rules they have to live by. It's areas of influence go deeper into the workings of our lives and institutions than many are aware of. Do not enter or stick around in a risky scenario. There Are GANGSTALKERS On The Earth. If you see gangstalkers and one or more cops in one area, like a grocery store parking lot, skip visiting it. App #5: SpyBubble – Download Free Spyware Without Touching Target Phone. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. TARGET® Portland Expanding Grout (9991110) is a non-shrink grout consists of accurately weighed Portland cement, non-metallic aggregate, expanding agents and admixtures. From hard experience my main 2 tips are, 1. government personnel, which happened in Cuba, China, Russia, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East, are affecting an ever-growing list of victims. Add to this the fact that the detection of the crime is almost impossible, and you. In a 2014 study, two groups of 128 people each were examined. Some claims I've seen include: I upset my employer/friend/random person I was an activist My ex orchestrated this campaign against me I am an addict (drugs, drink, porn) My family wants to traffic me. About Apps used by gangstalkers. Over half of all gangstalkers recruit, prostitute and indoctrinate their own children and spouses for any Network Collective cause. Think about it: they get names. Protect yourself if you are a target of gang stalking, put things in place for yourself and your loved ones, surveillance system, security lights, bolts and chains on your doors because believe you me, gang stalkers will go to extreme levels of trying to. com…yeah they been hacking it, rigging it so that we lose our money so they can fund their pathetic “pizza. Narcissists live in a state of grandiose delusion. These acts might include blaming the target for a gang member’s mistakes or taking credit for what the victim accomplished. In an addition to the previous article, where one moves his/her personality, as a target, out of the “game” by switching it off, there would also be another possible solution when dealing with the gangstalking. Mailing flyers anonymously – or placing them on walkways or doorsteps of residences – is a legal, simple, cheap, and very effective way to expose the crime of organized stalking. 5 Targeted Individuals Expose Shocking. Targeting is done to give the illusion at times that a person is being followed non stop and to make a target turn highly sick by harassing the target systematical sometimes daily for years and some even say for life. As always, if you require emergency assistance, call 911 immediately. i have been a target for25 months. Criminal activity consisting of the repeated following and harassing of another person. Who is behind spying? They are everyday citizens. It is a type of electronic rape. Gang stalking is real Targeted Individuals. You experience manipulation of will, emotions, feelings, and perceptions. Here is one of the many sources for Chapter 18 of Rani Kilde's book. it would be nice to chat one on one with you,its a burden you carry alone and dont talk about. Approximately 1 in 6 women and 1 in 17 men have experienced stalking at some point in their lifetime. The Targeted Truth - The absolubt truth about Electronic Harassment. Gang Stalking takes place outside in the community. Phase 4 - Target has a full understanding. It’s called Gang Stalking, because the target is followed around and placed under surveillance by groups of organized Civilian Spies/Snitches 24/7. It will be a blog that will include many different aspect's concerning the Torture of a Learning Disabled Woman in Dearborn Michigan thru GangStalking. The Coronavirus Plandemic is literally a gang-stalking program. The mission is to destory the Targeted Individual by taking them as low as possible or. Tinder and Grindr both collect over 50 percent of your personal data (Facebook takes the cake at 70 percent), according to cybersecurity firm Clairo. This requires dependence on God through prayer and the use of the Word of God. Neither occurs boldly and obvious in a person's life at first. A lot of so called victims of gang-stalking are actually members of a mob and are spreading misinformation to discredit genuine targets of mobbing while increasing the targets anxiety and mistrust. Stream This Place by Rusty Cage. The DEA might be a source, you have to remember gang stalking is global. there was a harassment investigation at work which included one of the union stewards. If you don’t know how to do things professionally then get help. Much of what ‘We’ does is brain mapping and it is useful if the target is awake to understand effects and to detect errors. In an effort to discredit a person or to add to the weaponry for the attack gang stalkers may perpetuate the notion that the target is mentally impaired or dangerous in some manner, forcing the person to undergo evaluation. Jan 20, 2022 · You dance on people's graves during natural disasters, laugh at people dying from COVID because they didn't get vaccinated, and act like a petulant little 6-year-old when you are called out. An undetectable psychological attack that thrives off of its facelessness and an age old society that have huge membership. Gang stalkers and mail delayment and mail theft. Don't show up to a riot in a skirt and sandals. While the individuals change, certain other things do not so it’s easy to identify these. Hillary Clinton after donating $2,000,000,000 to World Vision. Sociopath need for control, stalking, hacking, and snooping. 5) Gang-stalkers and cyber-bully agents will often harass other members on your friends-list. Gang Stalking is really a covert government or police investigation. Limo tint on all windows or rear 5 windows, all 4. In conclusion, protesting is good, rioting is probably bad for your health. Their perpetrators are typically perceived to be powerful government or law enforcement officials, who are seeking to destroy the life of the TI . Lesley Stahl: Do you think that this is the main reason that health costs are going up? Elizabeth Mitchell: We have seen the data. * Group members are sensitized to all the tactics they employ. He claims it’s all “legal” because they never physically Ignore gangstalkers Press team. same tactics are being used everywhere. If you are near the target or victim two times your intent is to cause unease or fear. To reach out to Amazon about a late delivery, the first thing you need to do is visit the Contact Us page. How can I get my name taken off thegang stalking list and how can I find out why it is there in the first place. Gangstalking guy catches them in the act gets framed. In an addition to the previous article, where one moves his/her personality, as a target, out of the "game" by switching it off, there would also be another possible solution when dealing with the gangstalking. The 7 Types of Stalkers, and How to Spot Them. i was fired from my job after 16 years of employment. Fresno Police Murder Gangstalking Target then Police Cover-Up. If you are hearing very monotone voices which are magnified by a radiating noise source such as a fan or an air conditioner, sound familiar, which are reading your thoughts here is how they do it. The shadowy subculture of gang stalking. Another thing, these gangstalkers cannot answer you back. Symptoms of Electronic Harassment in Stages. But if you’re an old-timer, the best thing to do is ignore them, ignore them, ignore them, ignore them, ignore them. I my case I know who instigated it and why. I cannot keep any private “research notes” whatsoever; they are always stolen by the gangstalkers. A person convicted of stalking under federal law faces a possible prison sentence not to exceed five years, a fine not to exceed $250,000, or both. Microwave torture, Nero monitoring, electrical shocks anywhere in the body, severe jerking at night, induced dreams, interrupting sleep, induced dreams, v2k, all of it from the. This list of topics can become an interest to the variety of audiences. Do not leave pets outside unattended (even in a fenced in yard), and do not have pet doors. Organized Gang Stalking WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW. everywheir you go then actual GangStalkers follow you around and repeat these same dialog set's around you physically you literally feel as no matter wheir you go its all you hear and experience---95% at your home 25 % on your routes out in the public and then Voice to skull at libraies 35-65 % the fluctuation has to do at wheir your at in. I am writing this blog in support of all Australians who have found themselves the target of campains designed to destroy them, using any number of the methods commonly ascribed under the heading of Gangstalking. The non-ethical and non-consensual Targeting, chipping, Electromagnetic …. If they can get you to be suspicious of the people living with you, they are going to be able to isolate you. Targeted Individuals of Organized stalking can readily envision themselves as the person laying on the ground, being kicked and tormented by the laughing Nazis in the photo (left). You may make a sale of $34, but you spent $100 to get $34. If you a member of a narcissistic family–whether you are the child of a narcissistic mother or narcissistic father or both, or the brother or sister of a narcissistic sibling or are married to a narcissist, always remember that you hold the truth. Not sleeping enough can make your hormones get out of whack and raise your body's stress levels, which. In my own case, I traced and tracked many of my personal stalkers, sued a few of them, shut down a security company, and won a settlement. Directed Energy Weapons, DEW, people zapper, people burner, people cooker, …. They also rely on their abuse being so extreme, so pervasive, so fundamentally immoral, as to be disbelieved and victims. Social engineering families to have many children during the war years ( all those Irish Catholics having ten babies several deacdes ago; blacks, Latino’s, others today) is all just social engineering. they are surgically implanted in the ear canal a silent sound ring this is very old technolodgy. The gang stalkers track all of us on a app the police use. Neighbors do not know all details and are certainly not told that any death is ok. A lot of people seem to think gang-stalking is orchestrated by their own government which is unlikely unless the individual is a whistleblower. ("Happy slapping" and "workplace bullying" are the most common exceptions) Participants in predatory gangstalking are well-trained. When the target moves, new calculations have to be made, which takes several seconds. posted videos to create doubt in the public mind that the murder of george floyd was not real and instead done by actors. TI’s- gangstalkers do not have any power. It's very simple, the 144,000 is the number of individuals needed to "carry" the energy and frequency that is needed by humanity to rise or "ascend" to the next bandwidth or density of reality. Ask any target who knows what it is like to be a target, and he/she will tell you. Surveillance apps are becoming more advanced -- not only for domestic use, but also for governments and law enforcement agencies. DJI, which claims yearly revenues above $2. Gangstalking is Manslaughter according to a case recently tried. A conviction carries a penalty of up to 5 years in jail or prison. main concern is self destructing material. GangStalkers Renting Adjacent apartments next to their Targe GangStalking and Lanlords. However, most of the time, the gangstalkers …. Paid and volunteer members believe that they are punishing or correcting bad behavior in the targets. THE TECHNOLOGY CLASSICS– Telephone Networking, Radar, Optics, Acoustics. 35 Bible verses about Satan, As Deceiver. If you can’t delete them right away, like if they’re a boss, coworker, or family member, agree with what they say and then go do your …. V2K / EMP / Laser / Microwave / Psychotronic. Consider that even the dark ones do not miss this opportunity to redirect this energy for their own purposes. He describes his relief upon taking antipsychotics and …. Gangstalkers info board stalking supportive.