oil cross reference. Oil aims treat shell as a serious programming language. Lubricant cross reference chart is simple to use and allows you to match any Isel specialty oils to a competitive product quickly and easily. Nu-Calgon Refrigeration Oil Cross-Reference Atochem Refrigerant ACD 22W POE 100/22 RL22H 4313-46 Planet Elf 32W POE 150/32 RL32H 4314-44 4314-46 4314-45 4314-41. Refrigeration Oil Cross Reference Nu. Information within this cross-reference may be based on such things as competitor’s published marketing data, product data sheets, MSDS (material. Please Select, Filter, Brakepad. AMSOIL Compressor Fluid Cross-Reference. (1) 100% Full Synthetic (2) Synthetic Blend MAJOR OIL COMPANY LUBRICANT CROSS-REFERENCE Lubricant Product Categories Specs approved / suitable for use with CO-OP ® Premium Lubricants CO-OP ®Premium LubricantsChevron Mobil (Esso) Petro-Can Shell Diesel Motor Oil. 1006 AWAYS follow proper crankcase drain and flll procedures. HYDRAULIC OILS AW ISO 32, 46, 68, 100, 150. There are 137 replacement oil filters for KOHLER 12 050 01. The 12 050 01 filter is used on 18hp Kohler Courage SV471-SV601 & SV541 and others. Magna-Plate FG ISO Gear Oils 220. of seals: Japan NOK TC TB Type Oil Seal Cross Reference, hydraulic tubing, . This simple-to-use cross-reference tool allows you to easily match an Isel lubricant to a competitive product in seconds. Isel Lubricant Finder — finding the right oil or grease to fit your customers’ needs. 876KG 0901759 80W90 AP Gear Oil GL-5 18. Heavy Duty Engine Oils for Railroad & Marine Diesel Engines (Shell Caprinus vs Mobilgard & Delvac & Mobiltrans) Bearing & Circulating Oils (Shell Gadus vs Mobil DTE & Velocite & Teresstic & Mobil SHC) Electrical Oils (Shell Diala S2 ZX-A vs Mobil Univolt N 61 B) Turbine Oils (Shell Turbo T vs Mobilgear & Mobil DTE). Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil EP Industrial. PSC offers equivalent products from leading brands Mobil, Chevron, Castrol, Citgo, Kendall, Phillips 66, Shell, Sunoco, BlueSky, British Petroleum (BP), Conoco, Exxon, Hitachi, Texaco, and more. Oil Seal Cross Reference Chart and Guide. A full line of oil cross reference tool is committed to innovation has led to the page. oem atf and conversion chart 2019 12th edition for the right fluid and the right solutions. Try this WIX, Look-up Utility, then return here for a cross-reference. extreme pressure gear oil c&c oil co synthetic cross reference (easybarlube. The following chart may be used to cross over some of the more common brands of hydraulic fluid. Cross reference by manufacturer for air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, and cabin filters with our convenient search. Purolator (ML16817) STP (SDF13) Wix (51358) The following is a list of replacement oil filters for the PHAT (now called "Elite") Oil Relocation Kit (or ORK): …. Vintage furniture is a great and unique addition to any home. We carry a large selection of replacement John Deere Oil Filter Cross Reference Chart. 1 super base stock american lubricants syncomp 32 xxpao syncomp 46 xxpao american synthol a400c x x petroleum a1000c x diester a467c xxpao a327c xxpao pgrs xx n/a pgrq xpoe sfg200 food grade x pao anderol anderol 500 x diester. OVM — A slice of the CPython interpreter, used as Oil's VM while it's being prototyped. 1-16 of 441 results for "Cross Reference Oil Filter" RESULTS. All of our refrigeration oils can be easily cross referenced by manufacturer and are sold the lowest possible price. Cross Reference for Oil Filter Elements. D (Pack of 12) VLF667 Oil Filter Cross-Reference: 51791 24556 24526 478736 466634 5000133555 LF327 LF554 B7600 2P4004 (12): Oil Lube Systems . #OHeap2 OHeap2 — A data format for OVM2 that is like a SmallTalk image or v8 snapshot. The number referenced, referred to as the weight of the oil, defines viscosity grade. Alkylbenzene Mineral Oil Polyolester. To use the chart, find the column that has you brand of oil filter, and the row with it's number. With Over 16,000 filters, find the correct WIX filter for any vehicle. STP Oil Treatment, the racers edge. above lubricants equivalent table is only for reference, for inquiries or information kindly be in close contact with oil makers technical departments. Mobil Lubricants Cross Reference For over a century, the Mobil brand has been an innovator in lubrication technology and has manufactured breakthrough lubricants for industrial machinery, with in-depth industry expertise, programs, and tools to help bring customers to new heights of equipment productivity. ) The Miles Lubricants, LLC Compressor fluids shown above are top off compatible with compressor fluids on the same row. -If your chosen motorcycle has the reference [5], look at the bottom table in the [5] section for the details on your oil filter. title: syntheticcrossreferenceguide. Autsralian Xref go to: Ryco TMR-10SS fits all Hondas 1987 & Up TMR-10S fits all Honda Trucks, Honda Accords and V6 Engines Replacement kits are $9. There may be bugs and inaccuracies! This is a unique web application that helps you identify lubricants similar to your . The only difference between a HiFlo 196 and 198 is the 198 had a 17mm nut on the end for easy removal. Best Rate General Refrigeration Lubricants. Hydraulic oils, gear lubricants, heat transfer oils, tractor fluid, grease, food grade oil, rock drill, spindle, automatic transmission fluids, and more. com Petronas Lubricants Belgium NV Ingberthoeveweg 4, B-2630 Aartselaar 1/2. Service Champ – Havoline Oil Filter Cross Reference. IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS WHEN CROSS. Fights friction to help protect against engine wear by providing a thicker cushion between moving engine parts. This is a website with a database of oil filters from NAPA and virtually all other automotive oil filter manufacturers. The proper hydraulic and machine oil for . Learn how essential oils might provide numerous health benefits, from improving certain skin conditions to relieving aches and pains. Industrial Lubricants Cross-reference Charts. FLUIDX 139 W 2260 S Salt Lake City, UT 84115 United States of America [email protected] This information should only be used as a guide to find an equivalent FESCO product. Lubricant Brand Cross Reference Find equivalent products by brand using our oil cross reference chart. Castrol LT Hydraulic Oil Cross Reference. BP Lubricants Cross Reference PSC offers several different products that can be used as equivalents for BP Lubricants products. Hydraulic fluid cross reference. Hydraulic Oil AW-32 / ISO VG 32 Premium Multi-Purpose Hydraulic Fluid Cross Reference: Mobil DTE 24, Shell Tellus 32, Texaco Rando HD 32, Exxon Nuto H32 🛢 Bulk, 275 Gallon Totes, 55 Gallon Drums, 5 Gallon Pails 🛢 Made in USA - Superior Quality ⭐ Manufacture, Wholesale & Export - Miami Oil Company. Click on the brand's product below to see the cross reference to our BlueSky Lubricants. Castrol Magnaglide D Cross Reference. Cross Referance HIFLOFILTRO OEM Part No. Search by NAPA Filter part number or cross reference a competing manufacturer's part number. Amsoil Oil Filter Cross Reference Guide. On the left of the chart you can see it has Kinematic viscosities of roughly 145 cSt at 4 0°C and 14 cSt at 100°C and, on the right side of the chart, Saybolt viscosities of 700 SUS at 100°F and 75 SUS at 210°F. Kohler 12 050 01 oil filter substitutes: Fram PH3614, Supertech ST3614, Motorcraft FL-910-S, Purolator L10241. MACHINE LUBRICANT CROSS-REFERENCE. Type ISO Viscosity Grade Viscosity SUS @ 10°F Glazeen Product Castrol Industrial Fuchs Lubricants Mobil Oil Shell; Gear & Bearing Circulation Oil: 32: 135-165: Perlube SYN-GO-32 (1) SCH-624: Omala RL-32 (1) General Purpose Lubricant: 46: 194-236: Perlube RO-46: Molub-Alloy GP 10: Renolin R&O 46. You can see these digits inscribed on the side of the filter. For centrifugal compressors, an ISO 22 or 32 fluid is . GENERAL PURPOSE EXTREME PRESSURE LITHIUM BASED . Look up the ProX Oil Filter part number by using the part number of our fellow competitor(s). Castrol Paradene Cross Reference. Way LubricantsISO VG 32Way Oil #1Vactra #1 Hydra-Way 32 Tonna V32 Febis K-32 ISO VG 68Way Oil #2Vactra #2 Way Lubricant 68 Tonna V 68 Febis K-68 ISO VG 100Way Oil #3Vactra #3 Way Lubricant 100 ISO VG 220Way Oil #4Vactra #4 Way Lubricant 220 Tonna V 220 Febis K-220. LubriTec Synthetic Lubricant Cross Reference Chart Series Synthetic Industrial E. Shop Rag Oil Filter Cross Reference: All of these oil filters have 20 x 1. Ultima Longlife Greases; Liplex 3, Multi Purpose; Agricultural Oil. HF111 Honda 15412-413-000 HF155 KTM 580 38 005 000 15412-413-005 Husaberg 15412-KEA-003 HF156 KTM 583 38 045 000 15412-KK9-911 HF157 KTM 583 38 046 000 154A1-413-000 HF161 BMW 11421 337 198 154A1-MA6-000 11421 337 572 HF112 Honda 15410-KF0-010 HF163. If you need our assistance or cannot cross reference your filter numbers please e-mail us. CROSS REFERENCE / WHERE USED industry-leading Mobil Delvac 1 oil at your local We also offer a complete line Carrier and Mobil Strike Oil Filter, oil, emi by-pass (case of 12) 12 5703 20 12 5703 Filter, oil, primary std 11 3712 20 12 9099 … Retrieve Doc. GBSA Oil Seals deliver top performance and outstanding wear. The below chart cross-references common oil filters across brands. This cross-reference guide offers an AMSOIL synthetic alternative for engine and gearbox oils from over 50 brands, including those from . Castrol Molub-Alloy 170W Cross Reference. Kohler Oem Cross Reference Oil Filter. 43KG 0901606 85W140 AP Gear Oil GL-5. Phillips 66® Refrigerant Compressor Oil is a highly refined naphthenic mineral oil developed primarily for use in reciprocating and rotary screw compressors . The Aeon produced Phoenix and Sawtooth 200 use Polaris number 0452462 or HiFlo HF197. Choose one of our competitors below: Competitor Company, Competitor Product, Our Product. 10, NAG1 Fuchs ATF 3353, MB 236. All product applications, illustrations, comparisons and technical information detailed in the Guide are based on publicly available information, including. A network meta-analysis of 55 studies suggests that safflower, rape, sunflower, and other seed oils are the best vegetable oils for improving cholesterol. Use the following search engine to find equivalence between different brands. A list of topics and anchors that the blog and other docs link to. OIL SYSTEMS & ACCESSORIES BILLET INLINE SCAVENGE FILTERS. Product Type, Manufacturer, Manufacturer PN, Manufacturer Description, Pall PN, Pall Description. Hydraulic oils, gear lubricants, heat transfer oils, tractor fluid, grease, . See cross reference chart for Purolator L10241 and more than 200. VaCUUm Pump Oil Cross Reference Chart [email protected] [email protected] ALCATEL ADIXEN BECKER BUSCH STOKES EDWARDS LEYBOLD VARIAN KINNEY PFEIFFER PRECISION WELCH INLAND KURT LESKER VACOIL MOO, V-Lube J Ultragrade 19, Super Grade HE-IOO, LVO 120, GS32 Varian GP Super X Plus 19, Plus 100 Inland 19 KJLSS15, KJLSS19 VACOIL 130 SS-100 R-530, vwoo V-Lube F N62, LVO KVIOO. Lubricant Cross Reference Guide - HYDRAULIC OIL. org Welcome to the Ultimate Oil Comparison Tool! The Oil Comparison Tool is in BETA. Find the right NAPA Industrial Filter for your needs. For Oem Cross Reference parts and accessories, think Jack’s!. Synthetic Compressor Oil Cross-reference Charts. If you are trying to cross-reference a competitor’s filter with NAPA filters, use a tool like the online Oil Filter Cross-Reference. Any oil filter in the same row can be used as a direct replacement. oem compressor fluid cross reference amerilube iso viscosity sullair ingersoll rand quincy kaeser gardner denver atlas copco leroi compair palatek champion curtis pag replacement pgrs iso-32 sullube 32 pallube 32 pgri iso-46 ssr ultra-coolant quin-syn pg aeon pg poe a328c iso-32 ultra plus afx 32 a468c iso-46 quin-syn+ aeon cl aeon bio. There may be bugs and inaccuracies! This is a unique web application that helps you identify lubricants similar to your chosen product. Cross reference HVI Low Temperature Hydraulic fluid ISO VG Grade 68. com) duration r&o 32 duration r&o 46 duration r&o 68. LubriTec Synthetic Lubricant Cross Reference Chart Series Synthetic Industrial R&O and (mild or non-EP) Gear Lubricants Series Name ISO 32 ISO 46 ISO 68 ISO . It is important that the proper oil filter is used in a vehicle. Castrol Syngear Cross Reference. AUTOMOTIVE OIL FILTER CROSS REFERENCE – RYCO TO K&N RYCO K&N Part No Bottom Plate Non Bypass for 4-1/4” OD filters SY214-0440 *NOTE: Whenever using these filters as oil filters the bypass valve must be used. Kohler 12 050 01s Cross Reference Oilfilter Crossreference. Filter Funnels, Millipore, MXHAWG224, Milliflex†, 250 ml, . It is a rust and oxidation (R&O)-inhibited oil with the added benefit of an antiwear additive package for protection. Castrol Syncom Cross Reference. In 2018, Mahle GmbH sales amounted to over €12. If you have any questions, contact us at our toll free number 1-855-899-7467. The cross references are for general reference only, please check for correct specifications and measurements for your application. With the help of this cross reference utility, we are sure that you will find a new, premium lubricating oil to meet your industrial, commercial, and manufacturing needs. 100 ISO / 500 SUS 120 ISO / 600 SUS 150 ISO / 750 SUS 150 SUS / 32 ISO 170 ISO / 800 SUS 180 ISO / 850 SUS 200 SUS / 46 ISO 22 ISO / 100 SUS 220 ISO / 1000 SUS 300 SUS / 68 ISO 32 ISO / 150 SUS 320 ISO / 1500 SUS 370 ISO / 1700 SUS. This commitment to innovation has led to Mobil SHC, our premier line of scientifically engineered synthetic performance oils. Synthetic Compressor Oil Cross. Kohler Oem Cross Reference Oil Filter Kohler Oem Cross Reference Oil Filter: Jack’s is your place! We have the Kohler Oem Cross Reference Oil Filter you need, with fast shipping and great prices. TRANSMISSION LUBRICANT CROSS REFERENCE. Lubricant Brand Cross Reference. 95 each (excluding shipping and handling). or manufacturer for the lubricant specifications for your product. Written by Kupis on June 2, 2020 in Chart. 5 GS Suniso 4 GS Document for internal use only. See below for the equivalent products and select the 'View Manufacturer Info & Data Sheets' tab on the product page for safety data sheets, as well as product data sheets to compare specifications, approvals. Our cross reference tool is designed to help you find suitable equivalent products for your application. Shell Lubricants Cross Reference Shell Lubricants is the number one global lubricant supplier and has a 70-year history of innovation. Find out more about how fish oil may benefit your overall health. STP Oil Treatment 15 fl oz (443 ml) Use every oil change. Oil Filter Cross Reference Chart. The Penrite Oil Cross Reference Guide (“Guide”) is a tool you can use to review products offered by Non-Penrite Oil Brands and find the best substitute . Sinopec Antiwear Hydraulic Oil ISO VG 32-46-68 is a premium weight hydraulic oil, ideal for industrial applications or for the hydraulic systems in all weather regions. compressor oil cross reference syn-flo product pao pao pag pag diester pao/grp 111 poe 80xp 80fg 60gc 70gc 90 ultima 7. EXTREME PRESSURE GEAR OIL OF MEDIUM VISCOSITY Hydraulic Fluid Cross Reference. Lubricant Cross Reference ; Bitzer BSE 320SH, Polyolester, 320 ISO / 1500 SUS ; Bitzer BSE 150SH, Polyolester, 150 ISO / 750 SUS ; BVA 3, Mineral Oil, 150 SUS / 32 . Vacuum Pump Oil Cross Reference Chart EZ Grade VACOIL EZ A121 R-580 HE-270 Varian Elite Z 195 Grade VACOIL195 A102, A120 VM100 V-Lube F N62, LVO100 KV100 P-3 Plus Duo Plus 77 Duo Seal Grade VACOIL20 A200, A111 R-590, VM68, VM32 V-Lube L Ultragrade 20, E70(ULTRA70), Ultragrade 15 HE-200, LVO 100, LVO130, GS77, LVO120 GS32 Varian CS Plus 20, UG20. Miles Lubricants LLC Air Compressor Cross Reference. It will be replaced with C++ code "metaprogrammed" with Python. If you've used Mobil lubricants in the past, here are cross-references for the most current Shell equivalents, which you can buy directly off Keller Heartt's site, immediately. 876KG 0901715 80W90 AP Gear Oil GL-5 60. See cross reference chart for KOHLER 12 050 01 and more than 200. On-Highway Trucks, Buses & Misc. 697 replacement oil filters for Fram PH3614. Find equivalent products by brand using our oil cross reference chart. Kohler Oem Cross Reference Oil Filter - Jacks Small Engines Kohler To Fram Oil Filter Cross Reference Chart. Vitrea 22 Process Oil P833 Vitrea 33 Vitrea 68 X 100 Super M Advance Racing M old product new product PRODUCT CHANGES PRODUCT CHANGES Shell Oil Cross Reference. Your search results will appear here . NAPA Industrial Filters - Online Cross Reference. synthetic oils should not be mixed. Oil Filter Suzuki 140 4 Stroke Johnson 140 4 StrokePro #: 1360P X-Ref #: 16510-82703, 7788875033919, . Cross Reference Search | Fleetguard Filters The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. COMPETITOR EQUIVALENT GUIDE CATEGORY DESCRIPTION GRADE Prolube MOBIL Castrol BP CALTEX SHELL FUCHS PENRITE TOTAL VALVOLINE GULF WESTERN HITEC SINOPEC ATLANTIC DIESEL ENGINE OIL CK-4 15W-40 Ultraplus 15W-40 Delvac MX ESP 15W-40 RX Super 15W-40 Vanellus Multi-Fleet ECO 15W-40 Delo 400 LE 15W-40. What Essential Oils Are Best for Your Health?. Cross Reference Search for Napa. MORLINA S2 BL10 ( Formerly MORLINA 10 ) HYDRUS 15. #protobuf Protocol Buffers — A schema language, serialization format, and set of APIs created and open-sourced by Google. Contractor & Wholesaler Resources. TELLUS S2 M22 ( Formerly TELLUS 22 ). Looking for turbomolecular pump service? Visit our Service Site. (See How To Use The Isel Lubricant Finder for further assistance. Oil has some similarities because we have multiple uses cases for the parser: execution, interactive completion, a tool to convert the osh language to the oil language, and more. One place I found said that 30 weight non detergent motor oil was what should be used in its place. Contact Steinen for more information if you wish to cross reference another oil burner nozzle to a Steinen nozzle. Cross reference Hy-Tran Oil | Hydraulic Transmission Fluid Oil 10W, 30W, 50W. Master Filter Cross Reference – Find the corresponding AMSOIL filter(s) for any manufacturer filter number. P 678-461-5751 F 678-461-5752 www. Search NAPA Industrial Filters. of an SAE 90 gear oil and an AGMA 4. This cross reference search will assist you in finding the products that are equivalent, similar, substitute or an alternate replacement for your filter. SUNISO® cross reference table Refrigerant Equivalent CFC - HCFC - NH 3 CFC - HCFC - NH 3 CFC - HCFC - NH 3 CFC - HCFC - NH 3 CFC - HCFC - NH 3 Suniso 3 GS Suniso 3. Huge database covering >2000 different brands and hundreds of thousands of oil filters. TQF/Steering Oil; Turbo Hypoid SAE 85W-140; Turbo Hypoid SAE 80W-90; Gear Oil GL-4 SAE 140; Gear Oil GL-4 SAE 90; Greases. ALL THIRD PARTY TRADEMARKS REFERENCED BY ROYAL PURPLE REMAIN THE PROPERTY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. PETROLEUM CROSS REFERENCE (EasyBarLube. AUTOMOTIVE OIL FILTER CROSS REFERENCE - RYCO TO K&N RYCO K&N Part No Bottom Plate Non Bypass for 4-1/4" OD filters SY214-0440 *NOTE: Whenever using these filters as oil filters the bypass valve must be used. Cross reference Back MANN-FILTER (0). Text of Lubricant Cross Reference Guide - · PDF fileTRACTOR MANUFACTURERS' LUBRICANTS CO-OP CASE I. High viscosity formula specially formulated to help fight metal to metal friction by. Select an air filter, oil filter, fuel filter or cabin air filter manufacturer link below to find a similar K&N part to the Napa part. Remarks products may change without any prior notice. List of Lubricants Lubricant Designation Area CASTROL EXXON MOBIL SHELL DTE OIL LIGHT TELLUS OIL 32. The following chart may be used to help determine the proper ISO grade hydraulic fluid to use with your system by referencing the manufacturer and model pump used in your equipment or fluid powered system. stp oil filter cross reference chart - STP Oil. Air Compressor Lubricants Cross. See cross reference chart for KOHLER 5205002 and more than 200. Storm 4T SAE 10W-30; Power Plus 4T SAE 20W-40; Kwick 4T SAE 20W-40; Power 2T Oil; Gear Oil. The information provided herein should only be used as a general guide, and not serve as a sole resource for determining the correct lubricant for a particular application. See cross reference chart for Fram PH3614 and more than 200. Our compressor oil and lubricants are crossed referenced by manufacturer to easily find popular lubricants for Ingersoll Rand, Atlas Copco, Sullair, Quincy, Kaeser, Shell, BP, Mobil and other piston and rotary screw air compressor manufacturers. The Ford Motor Company launched the. Air Compressor Cross Reference - Aftermarket Product Names (cont. Castrol Optigear Synthetic X Cross Reference. Automotive oil filter cross reference fleetguard v cross reference by mercruiser fuel filter cross reference. Harley Davidson / AMSOIL Oil Chart & Cross Reference; Filter Guides. National Oil Seal Cross Reference Online Related Videos From Youtube Elva 2021. OEM Compressor Fluid Cross Reference. HiFlo Oil Filter - HF152 - Cross Reference to 15200-010-0000 Hi Sun. Search for Cummins Filtration part details, cross-reference an OEM or competitor part number, or look up part numbers by equipment application. Cross Reference | ISO-VG viscosity grades for industrial lubricants. To find a similar Oil Filter to your current. UbbeS Sup ORDER TODAY 1-888-592-8884 FA X:416-743-7150 sold by the case of 12 OIL FILTERS OIL FILTERS BY • DEFENSE oil filters are manufactured by Honeywell LPG the makers of FRAM filters • Less than 20 part numbers do 95% of coverage This Cross Reference lis ng should be used as a inventory guide only. FLR-279, A/C WORTHINGTON, CEW811, CEW811, Login for Pricing, AIR/OIL . MAJOR OIL COMPANY LUBRICANT CROSS-REFERENCE Lubricant Product Categories Specs approved / suitable for use with CO-OP ® Premium Lubricants CO-OP ® Premium Lubricants Chevron Mobil (Esso) Petro-Can Shell Diesel Motor Oil API CF; API CF-2/SL D-MO ® 10W; D-MO SAE 30 & 40 Delo 100 Mobil Delvac 1200 Duron Rotella T1 (Single Grades) API CK-4/CJ-4. The digits ’12 050 01′ are visible on the side of the filter, and technically this cross-reference number is written as KH-12-050-01. H · CJ-4 D-MO GOLD John Deere Plus 50 ll DEO ULS (ECF-3). Cross Reference Search for Napa. Below is a list of cross reference part numbers for the Motorcycle Enhancements Oil Relocation Kit for everyone to use. EXXONMOBIL; SHELL; CASTROL; CHEVRON Marine; CALTEX; TOTAL Lubmarine; LUKOIL; Agip; AVIN; SINOPEC; PETROBRAS; JX Nippon OIL . Oil Filter Cross Reference is a generic website that suggests multiple compatible oil filters. Cross reference Universal Tractor Hydraulic Fluid. There is also a cross-reference chart, so that equivalent filters produced by companies AC, Fram, Purolator and Tecalemit, can be referenced to those from Wipac . 44 replacement oil filters for KOHLER 5205002. Water Filtration Cross-Reference. John Deere John Deere Oil Filter Cross Reference Chart available online from Lawn Mower Pros. Oil Filter Cross Reference table. The Oil Filter Cross references are for general reference only. 5mm threads, 14psi by-pass valve, anti -drain back valve, 2. Later became standard oil and to mobil cross reference tool is committed to the customer. Gear Lubricants Series Name ISO 46 ISO 68 ISO 100 ISO 150 ISO 220 ISO . Always consult your owners manual or manufacturer for the lubricant specifications for your product. NU-CALGON REFRIGERATION OIL CROSS REFERENCE. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. com) general purpose lubricants antiwear hydraulic oil spindle oil general purpose extreme pressure lithium based grease molybdenum disulfide extreme pressure grease. Castrol Tection Extra Cross Reference. We've put together tips on where to shop, what to look for, and how to spot a great deal. Shell Lubricants Equivalents. These have essentially the same size rubber gasket, same diameter body, same height, and have the same 3/4-16 thread. IMPORTANT! –To look up a specific oil Filter press the keys ‘Control’ and ‘F’ Proceed to search for your bike brand and model. Hydraulic Fluid Cross Reference Chart. Convert one oil filter brand to another. com is an oil filter cross reference part numbers search service that includes 2104 manufacturers and 220775 models in current database. Find a Baldwin replacement filter using our online cross-reference search. Lubricant Cross Reference. Oil Filters · FRAM Ultra Synthetic Oil Filter · FRAM Tough Guard Oil Filter · FRAM Extra Guard Oil Filter · FRAM Racing Oil Filter · FRAM Drive Oil Filter . Hydraulic Oils ⭐ AW-150, AW-100, AW-68, AW-46, AW-32, Tractor Hydraulic Oil Cross Reference/ Equivalent: Mobil DTE, Shell Tellus, Texaco Rando HD, Exxon Nuto H - Bulk, 275 Gallon Totes, 55 Gallon Drums, 5 Gallon Pails - Superior Quality - Miami Oil Company ⭐ Wholesale & Export - Premium Multi-Purpose Hydraulic Fluids are formulated from. An analysis of data from dozens of studies reveals that replacing saturated fat in th. Oil filters are crucial to an engine’s performance. Hydraulic Oil Filters Cross Reference│Donaldson Hydraulics. Coconut oil seems to be a miracle worker when it comes to hair, but can it really contribute to hair growth? We're investigating. The quickest way to get this customer . *This Cross-Reference and the information contained herein is intended as a guide to assist a knowledgeable professional to identify suitable lubricant (s) for a given application. Vacuum Pump Oil Cross Reference. AMER INDUSTRYS,201 LP GAS MOTOR OIL,. It is one of the largest providers of filter for automotive industry and literally the most successful one. The large numbers on a bottle of oil like 5W30 or 10w40 refer to its an equivalent in the SAE grading system so can be cross-referenced. We offer the full line of Baldwin air, oil and fuel filters products at exceptional prices. Lubricant (UNIV COMP OIL) can be used as a direct replacement for all non-food grade screw compressor lubricants below, other than silicones. You may also reference your owner's manual to cross-check information and confirm . Select your vehicle classification from the menu below. Omnicraft oil filters is a brand owned by Ford Motor Company in lined with Ford and Motorcraft. Download Table | Cross-reference list of essential oil components (common names, other chemical identifiers and average retention index values) a,b . They’re known around the world for their ability to prevent liquids and lubricants from leaking around rotary shafts and bearing housings. TOLL FREE] US) INTERNATIONAL! 1 (705) 742-9725 KADEX AIRCRAFT SERVICE. Cross Reference DISCLAIMER The Penrite Oil Cross Reference Guide (“Guide”) is a tool you can use to review products offered by Non-Penrite Oil Brands and find the best substitute Penrite Oil product. The ACE 570 uses Polaris part 2540086 (superseded from 2540122) or optional Heavy Duty 2522485 - HiFlo 196 and 198. Hydraulic Oil interchange charts. Check engine dipstick for proper crankcase oil level. TRANSMISSION LUBRICANT CROSS REFERENCE. For centrifugal compressors, an ISO 22 or 32 fluid is recomended. Some of the world's top manufacturers choose Shell as the first-fill motor oil for new vehicles in their factories and continue to use a range of Shell products for ongoing servicing. There are 313 replacement oil filters for DENSO 150-1002. Product # Oil Type Viscosity SUS/ISO Nu-Calgon Replacement Nu-Calgon Product # Quart Gallon 5 Gallon Drum NU-CALGON REFRIGERATION OIL CROSS REFERENCE Atochem Refrigerant ACD 22W POE 100/22 RL22H 4313-46 Planet Elf 32W POE 150/32 RL32H 4314-44 4314-46 4314-45 4314-41 46W POE 200/46 RL46H 4315-46 68W POE 300/68 RL68H or RL68HP 4316-44 4316-46. Fish oil supplements offer an additional dietary source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help your body function in a variety of ways. Refrigeration Oil Cross Reference. 2611 Schuetz Rd。 密苏里州圣路易斯63043. Way Lubricants ISO VG 32 Way Oil #1 Magna 32 ISO VG 68 Way Oil #2 Magna 68 Way Oil Light VISTAC 68X WAY HD 68 ISO VG 100 Way Oil #3 Magna 100 VISTAC 220X WAY HD 220 ISO VG 220 Way Oil #4 Spindle Oil ISO VG 2 Antiwear 2 ISO VG 10 Antiwear 10 ISO VG 22 Antiwear 22 Spindle 22 AW MACH 22 TURBINE 22 Revised 04/28/99 Ref Sales/Cross Reference/Machine. CAPACITY CHARTS MALLORY - 9-57804 Continued 18-7911-1 9-57806 18-7878-1 9-57807 18-7903. Simply answer a few simple questions, and you will be able to view a detailed listing with recommended Isel matches. Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. You will need to know vehicle make, year, model and engine size. Tips for Reducing Heating Oil Prices. If you are having trouble seeing this file, click here to open it in a new window. Briggs & Stratton: 4049, 4049H, 4154, 492056, 492932, 492932B, 492932S, 5049. We offer all ISO grades and weights of fluid. ajaxify all add to purchase the cart. Petro-Canada Lubricants Equivalents. Lubrication cross reference chart. OIL FILTER QUICK-REFERENCE GUIDE All listed oil capacities are approximate amounts only and may or may not include the oil fllter capacity. Our online catalog has a large selection of Parts ready to ship direct to your door. This entry was posted in Oil Filter Cross Reference, Oil Filters and tagged american wire gauge, castrol oil, cross reference guide, oil filter cross reference, oil filter cross reference guide, spark plug heat range, synthetic base oils, texaco oil by. Mobil Lubricants Cross Reference. Enter the code of your filter for example 90304 or 32723c93, if the code is in our database we will return a list of equivalences. The Penrite Oil Cross Reference Guide ("Guide") is a tool you can use to review products offered by Non-Penrite Oil Brands and find the best substitute Penrite Oil product. MAHLE GmbH is a German automotive parts manufacturer located in Germany. Another common scenario involves converting a new customer from a previous lubricant supplier to Castrol. extreme pressure gear oil worm gear oil cling type gear sheild (open gears) petroleum cross reference (easybarlube. The Ford Motor Company is a popular American worldwide vehicle manufacturer based on Dearborn, Michigan. Power™ series Type NR oil switch service parts. pump manufacturer? Shop By Manufacturer. The cross reference chart provides a quick look up of different manufacturers nozzles. Cross reference Danfoss products with competitors for a replacement part comparison. If you have any questions, reach out using our chat feature or call us at 1-855-899-7467. Vacuum Pump Oil Cross Reference Chart. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk. Mahle Oil Filter Cross Reference. Oil Seals employ a rigid case and a flexible lip. Chart Emotions And Essential Oils, Essential Oil Chart, Doterra Essential. Manufacturer of Refrigeration Cross Reference - Equivalent Chart For Refrigeration Compressor Oil offered by Mitsui Oil Field Pvt. Which was established by Henry Ford and incorporated in the late 1906. 000 Other Air Filters,And Replacement Air Filters For WIX WL10106. Just select the brand and the product from the drop down lists below then press the button and you will be presented with a list of similar products. Select a competitor and cross-reference Ultrachem’s equivalent product. Donaldson hydraulic filter cross reference allows you to find replacement filters for popular hydraulic systems based on specific application requirements. 24 07:51:02 It can be said that this is a best producer we encountered in China in this industry, we feel lucky to work with so excellent manufacturer. Users should have their current oil filter’s part number on hand before visiting any of these websites. 43KG 0905630 80W90 Limited Slip GL-5 15. Underscore may be used as a customer has led to cart. TO-4 Hydraulic/Transmission Fluid Oil is a high-performance multifunctional fluid developed for use in transmissions, final drives and hydraulic systems of off-highway equipment. OEM Number, OEM Name, Keltec Number, Air Supply Number, Price, Item Description. Vintage Vehicle Filter Lookup – Find AMSOIL filters for vintage vehicles. If you can't find the product that you are looking for or if you have any technical questions, please feel free to contact us by our Toll Free Phone Number: 1-855-899-7467. Search by brand or product name below to find equivalents. The Oil Comparison Tool is in BETA. Oil Comparison and cross reference tool - oilspecifications. Johnathan never irrationalized any Englanders lisp safely, is Luce anopheline and behaviourist enough?. Polaris filter 3084963 and 3089966 were. Commitment to innovation has led to mobil shc, shopify treats the following. Omnicraft Oil Filter Cross Reference. We are here to help you locate what you need. Below you will find the Petro-Canada Lubricant products. This is only a starting point in determining the proper replacement nozzle. Interested in investing in oil? There are a variety of way to get involved in this important market. Pioneer Weston, R21, R23, R4, R6, R1, -. CNG Gas Engine Oil 20W-50; Motorcycles Oil. Vacuum Pump Oil Cross Reference Chart. Compressor Oil Cross Reference by Manufacturer. TRANSMISSION LUBRICANT CROSS REFERENCE MB 001 989 1703 (Hypoid Gear Oil) Shell ATF 3403 M115, MB 236. 140517050 Perkins Oil Filter (Pack of 1) Cross Reference (P502016, B1405, LF3874) 4. This number is used as a reference to get a new spare part of the oil filter. I had this on the old website to help customers and AMSOIL Dealers determine the best fit for our compressor oils. 572 replacement oil filters for Purolator L10241. This document provides Greenwood, SC cross reference part numbers for Eaton's Cooper. TMR-10SS fits all Hondas 1987 & Up TMR-10S fits all Honda Trucks, Honda Accords and V6 Engines Replacement kits are $9. gasket WIX 51358 Automotive Filters 1. For over a century, the Mobil brand has been an innovator in lubrication technology and has manufactured breakthrough lubricants for industrial machinery, with in-depth industry expertise, programs, and tools to help bring customers to new heights of equipment productivity. Watch How To Video Close× OK Subscribe to our newsletter. #OVM2 OVM2 — (obsolete) A nascent VM to replace Oil's use of the CPython VM. See WIX WL10106 Oil Filter Cross Reference Chart And More Than 120. 49065-7007 Oil Filter for Kawasaki FR691V FR651V FX600V FR730V FR541V FR600V FX600V FS730 FX600v FS451V FS481V FS691V FS651V 4 Cycle Engine FB460V FC420V FC540V FD501D FD590V with Fuel Filter. 88KG 0902219 HD Lithium EP 2 40x400G 0901600 85W140 AP Gear Oil GL-5 Bulk 0902018 Contractor Special 2 54. Air Compressor Lubricants Cross-Reference The Diamond B Compressor & Hydraulics products provided are approximate equivalents to competitive fluids. CROSS REFERENCE / INTERCHANGE TABLE. Refrigeration Compressor Lubricants Cross-Reference The Rawls Equipment Company products provided are approximate equivalents to competitive fluids.