movie villains defeats. Bob and Bobbie laugh about this, believing Shaw to be Bigfoot. When awesome movie villains like Darth Maul, Col. » Best & Worst: DBZ movie villain defeat? Best & Worst: DBZ movie villain defeat? 0. Misael Duran is a lover of all things nerdy, which includes movies, comics, TV shows, anime, and video games. List of 20th Century Fox Villains' Defeats/Gallery. Irontail (September 17, 2005) Evil Queen's death Lord Farquaad's death The Fairy Godmother's death Prince Charming's defeat and despair (in Shrek 2) Rapunzel's defeat Prince Charming's death (in Shrek The third) Fifi's death Rumpelstiltskin's defeat Jack & Jill's defeat. Movie villains are essential pieces to great movies. List Of Help! I'm A Fish/A Fish Tale Villains' Defeats. List of The Jim Henson Company Villains' defeat/gallery. Snoops ' defeat Madame Medusa 's defeat Bear 's death. This is a gallery of various villains from movies, TV series, and video games, who have various defeats, deaths, despairs and rehabillitations. Oscar: Flee away after Soto's death along with Lenny. Captain Hook's defeat (1st Film) (February 5, 1953) 1954. List of Disney Villains' Defeats/Gallery/Live. Waternoose lll (Monsters Inc) Captain . List Of Liam Neeson Villains’ Defeats. Mouse's Presumed Death Movies, Movie Posters, Films, Film Poster, Cinema. Horror: 10 Dumb Ways Slasher Movie Villains Have Been Defeated. List of 1990's Villains' defeat/gallery. Scared out of his wits, Shaw screams out in. 10 Movie Villains Who Caused Their Own Defeats. These are who have the various defeats, deaths, despairs, rehabilitations of the video games, Youtube, TV series, and movies villainous characters. Apparently eaten by the vultures who followed her. The Defeat: The back-and-forth between Rick and Beni is one of the most entertaining things about 1999's The Mummy, and while the movie ends rather well for Rick, his on again/off again enemy isn. Farquaad: I will have order! I will have perfection! I will. The Evil Queen: Falls off a cliff and is crushed by boulder. 10 Movie Villains Who Caused Their Own Defeats. If you're feeling isolated, maybe these movies can help. Villains Defeat Kindle Edition. Commander Winslow from Handmaid's Tale · 4. Millicent Clyde: Falling into the gallows. RELATED: 10 Movie Villains That Are More Interesting Than The Hero. Aliens Villains' Defeats/Gallery. Movie Villain Deaths · UPCOMING DEATHS: · Mortal Kombat (2021) · Xu Wenwu/Mandarin - Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) · Bartholomew . Kingpin from Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse: Arrested. My Favorite Movie Villains Defeats and Deaths - YouTube Here's a video with my favorite movie villains who getting what they deserveT-800 (Terminator) Venom/Eddie Brock (Spider-Man 3) New. He lives in Los Angeles County in . Defeats of my Favorite Animated Non-Disney Movie Villains Part 14 Video Made by SonicPhantom47 Uploaded on May 21, 2016 Type: Animated Non-Disney Movie No. Steven Spielberg knew this with Raiders of the Lost Ark as heroic Indiana Jones battles the Nazi scum to retrieve the Ark of the Covenant. Edit: to tell you the truth not all of these movies . Can you pick the MCU Villain by the way in which they were defeated? Test your knowledge on this movies quiz and compare your score to . List of Halloween Villains' defeats/gallery. May is Mental Health Awareness month in the U. Jafar is trapped in a genie lamp. Velociraptors ' defeat ( The Lego Batman Movie) Phantom Zone's Villains ' defeat ( The Lego Batman Movie) Jaws ' defeat ( The Lego Batman Movie) The Joker and his gang's rehabilitation ( The Lego Batman Movie) Snake Clowns' defeat Meowthra 's rehabilitation Lord Garmadon 's rehabilitation Rex Dangervest's death Dick Dastardly and Muttley 's defeat. 1 The Nazis - Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1982) If a movie really wants the audience to hate the villains, the easiest thing to do is make them Nazis. png Sheik Ahmed Ben Hassan's rehabilitation 1922 Count Orlok's death 1923 1924. With much of the world still sheltering in place due to COVID-19, there are many reasons to focus on mental health. If the Creeper were to get ahold of just one piece of Darth's armor and they could level the playing field. This is a gallery of several animated movie villains that have several defeats, deaths, despairs and rehabilitations. Goodbye, sir!" - Russ Cargill"Com. Cruella Deville The 15 Most Savage Disney Villain Defeats, Ranked. List of Disney Villains' Defeats/Gallery This is a gallery of several animated movie villains that have several defeats ', deaths, despairs and rehabilitations. With the Oscars behind us, it's time to look at the upcoming films that will shape 2020 — and kick off a new decade in cinema. Lucifer's defeat (1st film) Anastasia Tremaine and Drizella Tremaine's defeat (1st film) Lady Tremaine's defeat (1st film) Pirate crew's death 1951. 10 Most Agonizing Disney & Pixar Villain Deaths. Thank you to everyone who has supported me since the . Category:Movies villains deafet. In Scared Silly, Shaw was tranquilized by Gordy, Ed and Edna were arrested for good. By Matt Barone, Justin Monroe, Ross Scarano, Tara Aquino, khal, Carolyn Bernucca. There are hundreds of Russian villains in Hollywood movies, but here are eight of the best. Gorilla - Failed to get rid of Zooti. A second video to my other favourite and liked animated movie villains who got what they deserved. Disney Villain Deaths and Defeats. Scenes all belong to their rightful owners, I take no credit for any . Daddy Dog: Falling into the pond. com: Villains Defeat eBook : Gibson, M. Constance Nebbercracker: Blown up through the combined efforts of DJ, Chowder, and Jenny. Whiplash from Iron Man 2: Dies from the explosion. Mandible: You useless and maggot!!! I AM THE COLONY!!!!!! Rameses: MOSES!! MOSES!! Tzekel-Kan: Wait! No, wait! WAIT!! Mrs. Ommadon: Bryagh: Mouse King: Mouse Queen: Rocky: Wolves: Grundel Toad: Cornelius makes him fall into the chasm in Mr. Evil Ice Cube: Melted by the sun. Lucifer's defeat (1st film) (February 15, 1950) Lady Tremaine's defeat (1st film) (February 15, 1950) 1951. All the movie villains getting what they deserved, every one 1 second. Villains' Defeats/Gallery. ("Birth of Astro Boy") The Blue Knight AL Mechanic Ali Baba - Get brought to Justice by Astro Boy. Sharkey Dirk - Reunited with his mother and never kill robots. Dandy Mott from American Horror Story: Freak Show · 2. General Mandible: Gets killed by falling to his death on a root. Warner Animation Group Villains. "Fred" Dukes (also known as Blob) is a recurring antagonist of the X-Men film series, serving as a supporting antagonist in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and a minor character in X-Men Apocalypse. Caligari's defeat 1921 Sheik Ahmed Ben Hassan's rehabilitation. Shan Yu 's death is a way the writers found to not have another death by falling. Batman can defeat villains but not anti-white wokeness in new film. List of LUIS ALBERTO VIDEOS GALVAN PONCE Movie Villains' Defeats/Last Words Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Dodos: Defeated by Sid and fell of the cliff. All lIst of movies, shows and games despairs, deaths and defeats Fuzzy (64 Zoo Lane): A will twist like a spider web killed by Henrietta the Hairy Hippo. asylum defeat fanart insane morag movie nickelodeon prison straitjacket villain theloudhouse straitjacketgirl She’s all evil just because she wants some peace and quiet and to possibly take the throne and take over Scotland. Seuss' Villains' deafet/gallery. Iron Monger from Iron Man: Electrocuted and falls into the reactor, resulting in a explosion killing him. DC: 10 Most Satisfying Villains' Defeats, Ranked DC is responsible for not just some of the most iconic superheroes, but also some extremely popular supervillains too. List of Clifford the Big Red Dog Villains' defeat. This killer robot from the future is one of the scariest and most powerful action movie villains of all time. Balthazar Bratt's defeat (June 30, 2017) Jackie Frost and January Q. The Best Villains in Movie History. Termites: Z finds the dead bodies of the Ant Soldiers and Termite Soldiers. List of Air Bud Villains' defeat. Loki Laufeyson from The Avengers: He was beaten up by the Hulk. Lord Business ' rehabilitation. List Of Alan Arkin Villains' Defeats. The Man from Planet X's defeat. Lenny: Flee away after Soto's death along with Oscar. This video was uploaded from an Android phone. 4 Disney Channel Movies Villains defeat; Animated Features Canon Villains. At the end credits, he is redeemed and becomes a janitor as his imprisonment. This is a gallery of various antagonists from animated movies who have various defeats, deaths, and despairs. only distributed, or just animation and live action hybrid. In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, he was portrayed by Kevin Durand, who also played Ricky in Real Steel, Mika. Main article: List of Disney' Villains defeats/Gallery Trivia. List of Friday the 13th Villain's Defeat/Gallery. The Defeat: Judge Doom's death is actually quite distressing for a film that's. Here are the defeats of Disney Villains although some are killed Queen Grimhilde - fell to her death by a lightning bolt after she tried to kill the 7 Dwarfs with a rock which then crushed her and her carcass is eaten by waiting vultures. Meowrice's Henchmen: General Woundwort: Get attack by the Dog. Villains Quotes:"Nothing personal, it's just business. Lord Business, Ciao!" - Lord Business"Well, I was leave it laughing. Meowrice: Is defeated and then sent packing to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as a mail-order bride by Jaune-Tom. Slasher movies aren't known for their realism, but the ways these villains were dispatched make it tough for audiences to suspend their . This villain's liquid metal construction allows. Daring - Got killed by a martians. 7 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 While Chop Top chases the family's final victim, Lefty and Leatherface have a chainsaw fight, and Drayton huddles under a table, complaining about the plight of. A sings iTunes of "Cadarwood Road" Gazeem the Thief from Aladdin Twister the Snake from The Rescuers Down Under The Flood Water from Tangled The Hyenas Clan from The Lion King 1½ Hopper from A Bug's Life Boneheads from The Land Before Time Pete from Mickey, Donald and Goofy in The Three Musketeers Dennis from The Spongebob Squarepants Movie Jafar from Aladdin Evil Emperor Zurg from Toy Story. Queen Grimhilde/The Evil Queen: Falls hundred feet below to her death and gets crushed by an boulder, apparently eaten by the vultures who followed her. Milton: A all will fall into a sea. This is a gallery of various villains from movies, TV series, and video games, who have various defeats, deaths, despairs and rehabilitations. Huntington's defeat Banzou's death White Fang (2018) - Beauty Smith's defeat. This history of cinema is littered with super scary and powerful villains who end up getting bumped off in a way that is either anticlimactic or simply undermines the whole idea that they're the big bad. Jafar - In the first movie, he is imprisoned inside his lamp after turning into a genie, then killed in the sequel after Iago pushes his lamp into a pool of. Abraham Van Helsing from Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation: Redeems himself and accepts his great-granddaughter's love for Dracula. These are the defeats of all of the villainous characters. 4 The T-1000 (Terminator 2: Judgment Day) Unless it is revealed in a dramatic twist that Wick is also a Terminator from the future, it would be unlikely that Wick could defeat the T-1000. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. JPG Princess Ozma's rehabilitation 1911 1912 1913 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919 1920-1929 1920 Cabinetcaligari-movie-screencaps. List of Happy Tree Friends Villains Defeats/Gallery. From Halloween to Nightmare on Elm Street to The Ring, there's plenty of horror films to stream to satiate your taste for terror. Judge Doom (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) Buena Vista Pictures. These are all scenes of my favourite animated movie villains getting what they deserved. List of villains' defeats. Some adaptations from the movies in other media alter some Disney Villains' fates:. Flower: Her robot explodes launching her into a lake, but managed to swim out, then is arrested. Tobias Toggle - Captain Blowper - Blown out of the TV set. List of All Dogs go to Haven Villains' deafet/gallery. List of Harry Potter Villains' Defeats/Gallery. A defeat doesn't always mean the villain is killed (Altough mostly). Meowrice's Henchmen: Are thrown out the boxcar door by Jaune-Tom where their tails catch hold of a railway crossing signal. Gatto, Teufel and Safranek's rehabilitation (1st film) Puppetino's Death The Emperor of the Night's death. Ommadon: Bryagh: Mouse King: Falls into the moat below the. Anime and Manga Live-Action Cartoons and TV Shows on Netflix Cartoons and others Coming Soon. List of A Christmas Carol Villains' defeat/gallery. Most villains usualy almost succeed in their plans, or succeed in the smaller part of their plot, but before they can unleash their bigger plan they are defeated. Contents 1 Animated Features Canon Villains 2 Pixar Antagonists 3 Animated Sequel Antagonists (1994-2008) 4 Live-Action Antagonists 5 Digimon Antagonists (Crossover) 6 Animated TV Show Antagonists 6. Waternoose lll (Monsters Inc) Captain Gutt (Ice Age 4: Co. List of Halloween Movies Villains' Defeats. Scheck: After The Final Battle Mr. This is a list of various villains from movies, TV series, and video games, who have various defeats, deaths, despairs and rehabilitations. The "defeat" from movies, TV series, and video games may include being defeated, death, despairs (last scenes) or etc. Sauron's death (in The Lego Batman Movie) King Kong's death (in The Lego Batman Movie) Lord Voldemort's defeat (in The Lego Batman Movie) Velociraptors' defeat (in The Lego Batman Movie) Phantom Zone's Villains' defeat. Movie Villain Defeats Part 2. The Backson is stabbed in the tail. Scheck has Killed by Hulk Dpster: Got launched into lava by Phangler. List Of Liam Neeson Villains' Defeats. RELATED: The Boys: 5 Horror Movie Villains Billy Butcher Could Defeat (& 5 He Couldn't) The Creeper, the main villain from Jeepers Creepers, is known for taking parts of its victims and using them for its own body. List of 2010's Villains' defeat/gallery. With Halloween right around the corner, it's time to cue up the spooky flicks. Animated Movie Villains Defeats and Deaths with healthbars. List of Aladdin villains defeat. In a deleted scene, they were arrested. Rameses II: Gets washed away by the parting water and left to scream Moses' name in agony. Thaddeus and Rufus from The Star: Redeemed and scare King Herod. List of 20th Century Fox Horror Movie Villains' Defeats/Gallery. Villains' Defeats Gallery. Awesome Movie Villains Who Get Defeated Way Too Easily. List Of Netflix Villains' Defeats Edit Animated 154313. A list of notable defeat and/or death scenes of major antagonists in Universal Studios and other Time Movie media. 20th Century Studios Wiki Explore. Soto: Gets impaled by sharp icicles. Moderated by: SgtMartin, EpicRaptorMan. Freddy Fazbear: Will afraid of Freddy Fox. Scared out of his wits, Shaw screams out in defeat. These Movies Can Help When You’re Feeling Isolated. Si and Am are captured by the Tramp. I am the great demon god known as SonicPhantom47 and the creator of this channel My channel features the best of villain defeat movies, top favorite lists, . This features villain characters from Disney and Pixar Films who gets defeated or get killed in each animated movies. Falls off a cliff and is crushed by boulder. Waternoose III (Monsters Inc)Captain Gutt (Ice Age. Rhino Guards 12 defeat Rhino Guard 13 defeat Rhino Guard 14 defeat Wolf Arrowmen 3 defeat Wolf Arrowman 4 defeat Prince John, Sir Hiss, and the Sheriff of Nottingham 's defeat, Nusty and Trigger 's rehabilitation Bees ' defeat Brutus and Nero 's defeat Mr. Here's a video with my favorite movie villains who getting what they deserveT-800 (Terminator) Venom/Eddie Brock (Spider-Man 3) New Goblin/Harry Osborne (Sp. Grunion 's rehabilitation Drago Bludvist 's death (off-screen) Drago's Enslaved Bewilderbeast 's defeat Octopuses ' defeat Dave 's defeat Kai 's death. A list of notable defeat and/or death scenes of major antagonists in Warner Bros. List of Happily N'Ever After Villains' Defeat/Gallery. List of Movie Villains' Defeats Edit Contents 1910-1919 1910 S. I guess I'm the closest thing to a villain in this movie -- I try to attack a baby, . Meowrice: Get defeat by Jaune Tom and get locked in the basket being sent to America. I've waited so long to make this video and it's the perfect opportunity to do it. New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh - Cleanliness Is Next to Impossible - YouTube122. A list featuring the defeats, deaths, and despairs of minor/major villains/antagonists in Disney animated movies. png Beauty Smith's defeat Q-Bots' death Ares/Justin Pin's death Ed Bighead's rehabilitation Mr. List of Movie Villains' Defeats. When a Disney villain is defeated, one of three things tends to happen According to the film, the Black Cauldron is the evilest magical . Stromboli: Without Pinocchio, his next show presumably bombs, which may cause. of Villains: 10 Song Used: Rebirthing (Anti-Nightcore) by Skillet _ This is the last DOMFANDMV video to use the intro using the black background and red text. Answer (1 of 4): What are some movies where the antagonist/villain defeats the protagonist/heroes or achieves their goal? So our main antagonist is this film is a somewhat handsome, perfectly ordinary man who goes by Zemo, a survivor of the Sokovia incident depicted in Age of Ultron, whose famil. Hans Landa, Hans Gruber, and Jason Vorhees don't crack the top ten, that's likely a telling sign that the competition. Slasher movies aren't known for their realism, but the ways these villains were dispatched make it tough for audiences to suspend. Dragon Malefecent falls in the fiery pits. Abomination from The Incredible Hulk: Gets Strangled by The Hulk/Bruce Banner Later is arrested. List of Movie Villains' Defeats Edit This is the villains who are defeated, dead, despairing and redeeming. This includes villains from films that either Universal Studios. My Favorite Netflix Movie Villains Defeats Part 1 - YouTube. This is a gallery of Video Game Villians' defeats, deaths, despairs, and rehabilitations. M att Reeves’s The Batman hit movie theaters on March 4, bringing the latest take of the legendary Caped Crusader to the. Lucifer 's defeat (1st film) Drizella and Anastasia Tremaine 's despair (1st film) Lady Tremaine 's despair (1st film) Card Soldiers defeat. Waul: Gets reluctantly adopted by a. Reginald and Gus: Get tricked by The Neanderthals and Huns and become janitors along with the now-good Cecil. List of The Flintstones villains' Defeat/Gallery. And some — like the Joker, Norman Bates, and Annie Wilkes — have become iconic. Captain Hook: Fell down from his pirate ship and met Tick-Tock the Croc and brought a clock from his throat and fed him and the crocodile launched him at the end of the ocean Chick Hicks: got booed off the stage in Los Angeles International Speedway Yellow-Spotted Lizards: Since Stanley and Zero had been eating nothing but onions for the past few days, the lizards didn't want to drink their. Sauron 's death ( The Lego Batman Movie). Cecil Fredericks: Gets dragged in the snow by Larry Daley and arrested by all the exhibits. List of Up Villains' defeat/gallery. Tweedy: I told you they was organized. The Hunter from The Star: Falls to his death. Honest John and Gideon: Last seen taking Pinocchio to Pleasure Island. The most frustrating, easily defeated movie enemies pop up in huge movies: The Lord of the. Dennis Nedry (Jurassic Park) The Defeat: You could say it's a stretch to call Dennis Nedry a villain, but then again, he was responsible for the. Dab: Leaving the melon in the stockpile with two others and spotted Manny, accompanied by a ground sloth. Tens of thousands of movie fans have voted on Ranker to decide who is the very best movie villain of all time. Edit: to tell you the truth not all of these movies and villains are. He is then hit by Bob and Bobbie's RV while trying to cross the road and tied on the top of it. List of Harry Potter Villains' Defeats/Gallery Edit Edit source History Talk (0) Movies [] 4k-hp1-movie-screencaps. Doctor Doom's defeat and despair (In The Fantastic 4 2005 Movie) Doctor Doom's defeat (In The Fantastic 4 Rise of the Silver Surfer) Galactus's death and Silver's Surfer rehabillitation (In The Fantastic 4 Rise of the Silver Surfer). Pitch Black 's defeat Scorpion 's death Turkeyfish 's death The Crows ' defeat #1 The Crows ' death #2 The Crows ' defeat #3 The Crows ' rehabilitations #4 Guy Gagne 's defeat Ms. Swackhammer's defeat Nessus' defeat Hydra's death Cyclops' death. Villains Defeats Edit Edit source History Talk (0) Captain Hook: Fell down from his pirate ship and met Tick-Tock the Croc and brought a clock from his throat and fed him and the crocodile launched him at the end of the ocean was thrown by a cliff by Bambi in the first movie, and he got a turtle on his nose and ran away in the sequel. List of Vanguard Animations Villains' deafet/gallery. Here are the best movie villains of all time, ranked. Vernon, Petunia and Dudley's defeat (1st film) The Mountain Troll's defeat. Necross' quote originally said "Bring on the darkness. Doviculus: Weak up off the head. This is the last words of various villains from movies, TV series, and video games, who have various defeats, deaths, despairs, and rehabilitations. Here are the defeats of Pixar's most evil villains Sid Phillips-ran away after realizing that toys come to life Hopper-eaten by birds and died Randall Boggs-beaten by rednecks Bruce-swam away and reformed Syndrome-got sucked into the rocket and died Chick Hicks-got booed by his own fans Skinner got tied after demanding to know who cooked the ratatouille AUTO-got shut down Charles Muntz-fell to. He was a mutant and a member of William Stryker's Team X, but left the team in disgust. The Soviet Army ("Red Dawn," 1984) YouTube. Pigeon Toady 's rehabilitation. Cruella De Vil, Jasper and Horace's defeat (1st film) (January 25, 1961) Luther's defeat (in the film) . Umataro Tenma Ham Egg - While he lost Astro Boy and Ochanomizu, he was crying. 2D Animated & Anime Movies Kaa's defeat (1st film) Shere Khan's defeat (1st film) Professor Ratigan's death Rats' defeat (1st film) Mr. Bull: Falling into the field grass. Rat: Gets chased along with the cats down to the pier by the "Giant Mouse of Minsk" and into the water. List of Movie Villains' Defeats View source Contents 1930-1939 1937 Evil Queen's death (December 21, 1937) 1939 Miss Almira Gulch's defeat The Wicked Witch of the West's death (August 25, 1939) 1940-1949 1940 Stromboli's despair (February 7, 1940) Lampwick's defeat (February 7, 1940) Monstro's death (February 7, 1940) Chernabog's defeat. Many movie vilain defeats including the defeats of Dennis, Nigel, Lotso, Jim, Makunga, Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine, The Fairy Godmother, Vector, Miles Axlerod . Villains Quotes:"I told my men they wouldn't be able to kill you if they tried. Jaws' defeat (in The Lego Batman Movie) Joker and His Gang's rehabillitation. Joker then recruits the other neglected Batman villains, along with other iconic movie villains (owned by Warner Bros. Based on the manner of death or defeat, name these Disney villains Movie. List of Raya And The Last Dragon Villain Defeats. Shaw: During the credits, Shaw is seen tarred and feathered after being beat up by the other animals. By Daniel Kurland Published Jan 26, 2021. A second video to my favourite and liked animated movie villains who got what they deservedHenry J. Red Skull from Captain America: The First Avenger: Incinerated by the Space. Captain Hook 's defeat (1st film) defeat. The Goons Defeated By The Fairies The Stabbington Brothers Betrayed By Mother Gothel and Arrested By The Palace Guards Plankton Got Squashed By The Crowds And Got Arrested In The Movie Lord Shen Was Defeated By Po And Crushed By The Remains Of His Cannon Tai Lung Was Defeated By Po Witch King Stabbed By Eowyn. There have been quite a few movie villains who have managed to defeat or trick their rival heroes in order to get the victory and achieve their goals. This wiki is about villains from existing films - whether live-action or animated. , Beaulieu, Steve, Kann, Valerie: Books. This is a brief list of the outcomes of the main antagonists in every films made by Illumination Entertainment. 10 Movie Villains Who Actually Got What They Wanted. Madame Medusa is chased by alligators. Defeats of my Favorite Movie Villains Part XCII (New Year's Special). Shenzi, Banzai and Ed's defeat (1st film) Scar's death (1st film) The Leopard Seal's defeat Drake's death Steele's defeat John Ratcliffe's defeat (1st film) Judge Claude Frollo's death Red's defeat Carface Carruthers' defeat (2nd film) Mr. Sheriff of Nottingham 's death. jpg The Conceited Man's defeat Academy Teacher's defeat The Businessman's defeat Omar's death Horatio P. Do you consider yourself a horr. Child Defeats Villainess (Tales From The Darkside: The Movie) - Last Edited: 2022-03-07 The Female Villains Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. These are the characters who got defeated/killed in various Disney movies. After that, their fate is unknown.