microphone level keeps changing windows 10. Your microphone drivers can also be responsible for levels inconsistencies. Microphone properties will appear, click on Advanced. Click on Apply to execute this change. If you cant adjust microphone levels in Windows 10 run the dedicated audio troubleshooters. Thereafter, click on Open Sound settings. How to open audio settings in Skype for Windows 10. Here's how to do this in Windows 11: Select Start > Settings > System > Sound. Why is my microphone's volume level keep resetting?. Mic keeps Automatically Adjusting on Windows 10. It is important to fix the problem if. Control Panel, Sounds, Recording. Now, check if the Windows 10 mute microphone issue is fixed. I have made sure to uncheck the option in Windows > Sound settings to prevent . Learn how to change your desktop wallpaper in Windows 10. When Device Manager opens, locate the problematic device, right-click it and choose Uninstall device. Select the Recording tab and double-click your microphone you have selected as the default recording device. Slide Microphone Boost to the right till the volume of your mic is loud enough. A reason for the microphone levels to keep changing may be a problematic driver. Then, type "control" inside the text box and press Enter to open up the classic Control Panel interface. Another one of the programs that can alter your mic's volume is Windows Speech Recognition. Your built in microphone volume keeps changing itself on skype Whenever you make video call on skype with friends your microphone volume just automatically changes by itself i will turn it up all the way to 80/100 and it always ends up going down to 20/100 and then your friends won't hear you. Now, right-click on “Microphone” and select “Update Driver”. I had re-installed Windows 10, updated drivers, monkeyed with REGEDIT, and still no Logitech C920 blinkie light. Change microphone volume (Windows 10) · image3. I won’t comment on that, but Windows 10 definitely brings regular updates and security patches, and many other features which make the use of the device easier. There could be several issues if you get no sound from your mic at all. Double-click on Sound, video and game controllers to expand that section. By default, the option to “Reduce the volume of other sounds by 80%” is selected. You should see "disable-autogain-gmeet" in your extensions list. com/webstore/detail/disable-automatic-gain-co/clpapnmmlmecieknddelobgikompchkkIn my case this only happe. It may be wise to restart your computer once changing this setting. The mic itself has gain controls, and in Windows (10), it needs to be set to 50% or less, otherwise it starts to clip like crazy (50% is essentially baseline, below reduces volume artificially, above artificially increases it). Blowing my mic out, and making it utterly unusable. When the confirmation menu appears, click Uninstall. Select advanced, and uncheck "allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" + "Give exclusive mode applications priority" Click Apply, and click on. This volume setting doesn't just set itself in the Teamviewer communication, but actually in the SYSTEM. Microphone level resets to zero – This is a similar problem that can appear on your PC. This is definitely not OBS' fault, but rather a symptom of a windows or driver issue of. Microphone volume is very low on a Dell inspiron 13 7348 with Windows 10. Press Windows Key + I shortcut to open the Settings app. How to Change Microphone Volume in Windows 10. Type in "Sound" in the Search box and select Sound (Control Panel) from the list. In Sound settings, go to Input and under Test your microphone , look for the blue bar that rises and falls as you speak into your microphone. Enable or Disable Changing Event Sounds and. Too high and the sound is distorted. This happens if I plug the mic directly to my laptop, or through a USB hub. Select Sound from the sidebar and scroll down to the Input section. You can change its configurations to solve the issue . Window treatments are a decorative and functional part of a room. Some users reported that they fixed Windows 10 volume keeps changing by disabling all sound enhancement or immediate mode. It could be occurring due to malware. Youtubers and content creators for a somewhat affordable range. From here, you can select the . Click Start, Control Panel, Sound, Recording. Reinstall your microphone driver Press Windows Key + X to open Win + X menu. In the "Properties" window that appears, click the "Levels" tab. To solve this, I opened my microphone's "Level" tab in its properties menu so that I could change and see the level of the mic. In the Sounds Settings window, look for Input and Choose your input device and then click the blue Device properties link (circled in red) in the. However, a lot of users are reporting numerous issues occurring while using the microphone with Windows 10. Open the properties box of your microphone again and under Levels, adjust the microphone level to be at least 75. Then, type “control” inside the text box and press Enter to open up Once you’re inside the classic Control Panel. Plugging in an extermal microphone solves. If the method fails to work, move on to the following methods. Select the one you'd like to adjust, then click the "Properties" button. Try it yourself (Windows 10): Open up "Sounds" --> "Recording" and open up the properties of your microphone. You'll see the microphones connected to your computer. Once the driver is removed, click on Scan for hardware changes icon. After changing some settings, click “Apply” and test your microphone again to see if it helped things. Right-click (or tap and hold) on the active microphone input device and select Properties. Right-click on the Sound (speaker) icon on the taskbar. The USB Audio Codec that is built into Windows and controls USB audio was redeveloped for Windows 10, resulting in different settings for this operating system . I am trying to record a video and whenever I record video the volume cuts in and out and up and down constantly. 0, but after connecting to a USB port 2. Select the device you want to troubleshoot and then continue through the troubleshooter. It is reporting VID_0D8C&PID_0170 which is a C-Media Electronics Inc Advanced Audio Device. That solved the problem for me, completely and permanently!. If your microphone isn’t clear or doesn’t pick up any sound at all, you need to fix it right away. The volume for the input device should stop auto adjusting. Inside Device Manager, expand the Sound, video and game controllers drop-down menu. There are several settings that may be triggering fluctuating microphone levels on your computer, so you can try disabling them to rid yourself . It doesn't handle the volume itself. I set it to 60 and a little while later when I look at it again it is set to 80. The Microphone Properties window will open. You can do this by going to search and typing “control. It might be your Solution 2: Run The Audio Troubleshooter. My microphone is a USB Blue Spark. When you’re satisfied with your microphone input level, click OK and click OK again. Microphone volume level is usually 50 or above. how to fix your mic from auto adjusting the voice level or gain of your microphoneFollow my Twitch - https://www. 2 Ways to Adjust Your Microphone Volume in Windows 10. In the Recording tab, click on the Microphone option and select the Properties button below. msc" and press Enter to open up Device Manager. So, in Windows 10 OS, is there any command or specific Registry entry present so that we can perform the steps automatically? Any help on this issue will be highly appreciated. This works 50/50 this is why I am looking for a permanent solution. In the "Sound" window that opens, click the "Recording" tab. How To Stop Software From Being Able To Change Your Microphone Volume In Windows 10 PC TutorialIn this Windows 10 Tutorial I will be showing you how to stop. Recording: Right-click on your mic and open microphone Properties. It is commonly reported that Skype can cause microphone levels keep changing if it is configured . Right-click the active microphone and select Properties. Save the file and close any Google related apps. How to Fix Microphone Keeps Resetting to 0 or 100 Volume on Windows 10 ; 1] Run the Audio/Speech Troubleshooter · Press the Windows key + I to . You may be able to reduce or eliminate the feedback you are hearing by trying the following steps in Windows 7: Open Control Panel. Step 1: Right-click the Start button in Windows 10 and choose Device Manager. Microphone Level Problem - posted in Windows 10 Support: Windows 10 keeps resetting the volume level for my microphone. In the " Exclusive Mode " section, uncheck the following option: ". Microphone keeps resetting to 0 or 100 volume can be due to a problematic driver, hardware failures, . Open up teamviewer and make a presentation (remote control might also have this issue - I haven't tested that). So what you see is basically any software's behaviour, look at the stuff running on your PC and see if anything is likely to change the mic volume. config/google-googletalkplugin/options. Manually set all programs using my microphone to 100% mic volume if applicable (steam, skype, etc). Here, under ‘When Windows detects communication activity,’ check ‘Do Nothing‘. msc” and press Enter to open up Device Manager. tv/thebolongnaDiscord - https://disco. To fix microphone bug in Windows 10, we need to update the drives as our last resort. Maybe the driver is missing, faulty, or outdated. That’s the PC/ laptop’s active microphone. First, right-click the speaker icon and select "Sounds" from the menu that appears. Click on the recording tab and double-click the microphone you are using. Windows Settings -> System -> Sound -> Related Settings -> Sound Control Panel. My USB microphone keeps resetting its level back to 100 no matter what I I have absolutely zero clue on what to do, and I wish Windows . Click 'Levels' tab and leave that on screen. I believe this is because Windows 10 automatically adjusts microphone volume so that it doesn't pick up background noise. Here, you can raise or lower the volume of the microphone. Windows 10 has some pretty cool audio enhancements. Why Do My Mic Volume Settings Automatically Go Up? A couple of potential triggers that are proficient in causing the mic levels to keep changing . Fix: Volume Automatically Goes Down / Up Windows 10. In the Exclusive Mode group, deselect the “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device” option. Windows 10 keeps resetting the volume level for my microphone. Manually drag the Microphone gain to a higher level and click Apply. The level keeps resetting itself to 0. We need to automate the process of adjusting the volume level of Speaker Line In and Microphone, Front Black In, Rear Blue In, and making it mute. Mic keeps Automatically Adjusting on Windows 11 · Type in “Device Manager” in the Search box and select it from the list. To change microphone sensitivity in Windows 10, open the Settings window, select the Input option and Choose your input device and click on its property box which will open up the Microphone Properties window. Recording: Select your normal microphone as default. After that, restart your computer and see if Windows 10 automatically lowers volume. An incorrect mic port can cause no Microphone Boost option Windows 10. Teams 'helpfully' automatically adj. Struggling to be heard? Too loud for rock and roll? Getting your mic sensitivity right in Windows 10 can make all the difference. I checked all the setting of skype and of the dell audio software plus I updated all the drivers without success. If your mic is still quiet after altering the level, you can microphone boost Windows 10 by implementing the following steps: 1. Run the Audio troubleshooter · 2. Note: there's no associated UI with the extension, as long as it is activated in your extensions list, it always disables the automatic gain. This has worked ok, but the problem I'm encountering is that the volume is automatically adjusting so that it is quiet when the game is quiet and loud when the game is loud. To open it, click the “Start” menu, then select the gear icon on the left. The correct VID and PID should be 17A0_0240 for a Samson Go Mic Connect. How to Reduce Microphone Background Noise on a PC. Try going to control panel -> something like hardware and sound -> sound -> recording -> double click the microphone in use -> something like . Sometimes programs change the mic volume leve. Hi, As the topic suggests, is there any way to permanently lock the mic volume level so no applications no nothing but me myself can change it? Reason I ask is for some reason my microphone volume level keeps resetting by itself. Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Bluetooth\Audio\AVRCP\CT. Before you proceed, you should note that you might have to adjust the microphone volume of. While I'm recording, the input level (the one up above the wav) is constantly moving. So it is important to balance your Microphone boost accordingly. Start test – click that button and start speaking. USB mics do not have that boost function. After the reboot you need to go to the old Windows Sound control panel. Reason I ask is for some reason my microphone volume level keeps resetting by itself. Too low and Windows can’t ‘hear’ anything. Set the Microphone level to zero and the Microphone Boost to +30 DB. Laptop: Dell Inspiron 15 - 7559 I have the realtek driver and software installed, also there is a icon called "Dell audio". Head over into the "Levels" tab. Click on the Gear icon at the upper right corner and select the Settings menu. To fix it, be sure to check your microphone settings. Step 2: Expand Audio inputs and outputs and right-click your microphone to choose Update driver. If I begin talking the recording almost starts out too loud, then evens out to normal for a second then begins to cut in and out like someone going through a cement tunnel on their cell. Whether your recording using a headset or a desk mic, the easiest way to prevent a microphone audio feedback loop is to use headphones when you plus a microphone in. You can also press Windows+i to open it. I like to have it at about 75% but all of a sudden it . Select the affected microphone/headset and click on Properties. ago Already done that, doesn't change anything 1 Share ReportSave. Mine is the Realtek High Definition Audio default device. Disable Microphone Auto Adjustment. I would like to ask, why does Opera keep changing sensitivity of microphone? It becomes annoying and ruins calls when Opera sets sensitivity . How does the Microphone Levels Microphone Levels Keep Changing Constantly? Your microphone volume may be kept low for several reasons. Mic keeps Automatically Adjusting on Windows 10 · Type in “Device Manager” in the Search box and select it from the list. Re: Windows 10 Constantly Changing Default Audio Device and/or Sampling Rates? 2017/10/06 16:36:01 I ran into this a while back, but after i just left my audio interface set at 44,100Hz, Windows stopped trying to switch things around on me as far as sampling rates. Do step 2 (enable) or step 3 (disable) below for what you would like to do. Some users reported that changing the format of your microphone can fix the issue. Next click 'Set up a microphone'. Hi, my logitech c920 webcam that i use to chat on skype; keeps auto adjusting its volume in windows (attached - sound properties) from a good . Now select Device Manager from the list. Hello! I'm recording a podcast with me in one place and my partner in another. Manually changed all programs that use voice that I have ever launched to not change my microphone. Disable All Sound Enhancements. You might also be able to resolve the issue by updating your . Why Microphone Level Keep Changing on Windows 10 It is commonly reported that Skype can cause microphone levels keep changing if it is configured to launch every system Steam is also responsible for the automatic microphone adjustments issue. Select Start > Settings > System > Sound. This also works for a USB microphone. Select the Listen tab and make sure the Listen to this device box isn't checked. First and foremost, turn the slider under the Microphone section all the way up to make sure that the microphone’s volume is set to 100, no less. If increasing the microphone’s volume to 100 isn’t enough to get the job done or if the. Denied Microsoft apps access to my microphone. The second way to boost your mic volume on Windows 10 is through the Windows Settings app. As user reports, in Windows 10 microphone level keeps changing when it is connected to USB 3. Select the new ‘ Cable Input ‘ device, and save the Settings. Why does my Mic Volume Keep Changing by Itself? A reason for the microphone levels to keep changing may be a problematic driver. From the settings window, select the Sound Control Panel. From the list of microphones, choose the one which has a green checkmark. Select the " Advanced " tab within the new pop-up window. Now, select the Levels tab and then change the sensitivity according to your need. They add splashes of color or tie together all the pieces of furniture and accessories in the space to create a cohesive look. Click on the microphone you are currently using. A) Click/tap on the Download button below to download the file below, and go to step 4 below. Something that has been bugging me a couple of times and I find there is no clear explanation and remedy for the problem. Click Apply > OK to save and apply the changes. If it is disabled, you can easily enable it and check if your problem gets solved. If the Microphone Boost is still unavailable, then move down to the following solutions. Teams 'helpfully' automatically adjusts my volume. This is an annoying problem that might be caused by malware. Click over to the “Level” tab and ensure that your mic has been set to ‘ 100 ’. Right click the used microphone and select " Properties ". In this guide, we’ll show you three different ways to change the microphone volume on a Windows 10 PC. To speed things up, you can also right-click the speaker icon on the taskbar in. Open the Hardware and Sound setting. If it doesn't, go to Test your microphone and Start test. If you configure the microphone this way, you can actually see the level being changed as you speak. Click on the Level tab and reduce the. There is a lot of calibration required to maintain proper power levels and the first thing to be constant is the mic level set within Windows. Often times when you put a new mic. com/ | 1-800-683-5715This video will share 4 quick tips how to stop your microphone from auto adjusting in windows . as a result my audio is lowered to 80%, so anything im listening to on youtube or spotify is suddenly reduced to 20% audio level, but there is no way to raise. In the Settings menu, click on System. Look for entry DisableAbsoluteVolume. I've discovered that this is actually either a driver or windows issue. This means you should clean up Windows Registry to stop your microphone level going to 0. There are several different reasons which may cause your microphone volume keeps going . As I originally noted, programs, if they are programmed correctly, will restore the audio levels to. Change the Microphone Volume in Settings · Open the Start menu and click Settings. In Input volume, make sure the blue bar adjusts as you speak into the microphone. For my mic, I'm using a Yeti Blue straight into the USB. Windows Settings is one of the quickest and least confusing ways to adjust your microphone volume in Windows 10. If your microphone does, you will see the option right below the ‘Microphone level’. That is to say, the app automatically adjusts the . Change microphone volume (Windows 10) In the bottom right corner of your screen, you will notice the volume icon in the system tray. Here’s a quick guide on modifying the microphone value manually to fix the auto adjustment of the microphone on Windows 10 : Press Windows key + R to open up a Run dialog box. I'm using Windows 10x64 pro and the microphone level I states that where I put it. Then, in the list of devices, highlight the name of the microphone you are using. If the bar is moving, your microphone is working properly. Here's how to do so: Press Windows key + R to open up a Run dialog box. Right-click taskbar speakers, select 'Recording Devices', right-click microphone, select 'Properties'. So the change is audible on every platform. Try going into Recording devices and make sure that the microphone is set as the Default Device and as the Default Communications Device. Shows exactly what the title says and I have confirmed that this works in Windows 7 / Windows 8 and Windows 10. Make sure to change the default microphone input or speaker output if you’re having trouble with new speakers or microphones. Right-click on the Audio device that is acting up and choose Update driver (Update Driver software). Update the Microphone Driver An outdated or corrupted audio driver is also responsible for the issue. Your changes have been saved now, and you can go ahead and use the microphone as normal. It keeps resetting to a level of 81 and that's to high for use with my speech recognition program (Dragon NaturallySpeaking). In Input, select a microphone to see its properties. There, drag the first Microphone volume bar from left to right to increase its volume. I set it to 60 and a little while later when I look at it again it is set to . Right-click your sound device and select Properties. I used to had the same on my previous computer - basically, GeForce is just showing you the mic volume from the "recording devices" windows thing. I'm using a headset as an external mic with Dragon Naturally Speaking and Eclipse voice recognition software. On my system, what will happen is when the microphone capture becomes active, it will lower volume of actively playing things on my windows mixer. or simply run the following line: echo "audio-flags=1" > ~/. So is there an option or configuration file where one can edit and change this behavior? This is not related to only one app but several, ranging from Skype to . Type in “Sound” in the Search box and select Sound (Control Panel) from the list. How do I stop windows 10 adjusting microphone volume. The Volume Mixer in Windows allows you to change the volume level for individual devices and apps. I like to have it at about 75% but all of a sudden it has. If the microphone’s driver is not up-to-date, the sensitivity problem occurs. Used O&O ShutUp 10 to disable Cortana as far as she'll be turned off. Change the value to 1, if the entry is not there, right click and click New->DWORD and create a new entry with DisableAbsoluteVolume and set the value to 1. 0, the problem is resolved permanently. After reducing the microphone boost option, try setting microphone volume all the way to 100. Increase the volume of your microphone. Steam can change the microphone automatically – Similar to Skype, Steam can adjust the microphone automatically if it is programmed to boot at every system . Click Apply to save your changes and then click OK to return to the Sound dialog. We're using Skype to connect and each using Audacity to record our tracks separately. There is no way, that I'm aware of, to "lock" the volume. Product: Webex Meetings ; Operating System: Windows Desktop, Mac ; Release: WBS39, WBS40 ; For: User. If that were the case then any program that uses audio would not be able to change it, if needed - and setting the volume for a given application is used by many programs. Solution 2: Run The Audio Troubleshooter. Press the Windows key + X shortcut to open the WinX menu, and then select Device Manager. If I reboot and find out that a Windows 10 gremlin had injected a mystery "organization or admin" roadblock for my camera, I'll be sure to update this post. Enable_changing_event_sounds_and_sound_scheme. The files that fail to register are HIDDEV. If you lower the boost setting and the microphone is quieter, increasing the volume here will make it easier for people to hear you. You can also launch the troubleshooter from audio Settings. Then, go to Teams and select Devices. What I discovered is that the VID and PID of the microphone as reported to Windows is NOT correct. This would be the maximum level your microphone can be set. Mic keeps Automatically Adjusting on Windows 10. To Enable Changing Event Sounds and Sound Scheme for All Users. Disable Auto Gain Control Link https://chrome. First, we will check if the microphone is even turned on through the settings. Fix 2: Prevent Steam from Auto Adjusting the Microphone Step 1. Method 1: Turn On Windows 10 Microphone Using Device Manager. How to change mic sensitivity via driver update? Follow the guide to do this work. Then select the Recordings tab. The only reason I even knew to look there was due to a number of comments I'd read (and having suffered through the same problem at first) of whatever gets picked up by the mic getting played back through the headset. Microphone level keeps going to 0 Windows 10 – According to users, their microphone level keeps going to 0. This is often seen within Windows 10. Microphone keeps resetting to 0 or 100 volume can be due to a problematic driver, hardware failures, or incorrect settings. Your microphone often seems to have a will of its own during Microsoft Teams meetings. Solution 1: Turn on the Microphone in Windows 10 Settings. Locate your audio driver (for example, Realtek High Definition Audio) and right-click on it. Mic Input Levels Changing Constantly. -In Control Panel, select Large icons from the View by drop down menu. Right-click the microphone with the sensitivity problem and then click Properties. On the right side corner, click the Sound Control . Issue - Microphone Will Not Initiate DLLs Fail to Register in Windows 7 In some instances, the necessary DLLs fail to register properly in Windows 7 causing the microphone not to initialize. You can also try tweaking your system to stop apps from controlling your mic. I then configured it using the "Configure a microphone" fonction in the speech recognition menu of the control panel. The adjusting of the microphone and speakers is done in the audio settings of the Skype app. Now click 'Start', 'Control Panel', and 'Ease of Access'. Press Win + I to open the Settings. Why Does Windows Keep Changing My Microphone Level? Drivers may be to blame for continually changing microphone levels. Choose the input device and click on Device properties. I move it down to 50 or so, and the software works much better, but for some reason, I can't set it to stay at that. Windows will figure out the best volume level. Starting with Windows 10 build 16193 , the Volume Mixer will now include UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps (ex: Microsoft Edge, or Groove Music), so you can set their volume without impacting the overall system volume. I move it down to 50 or so, and the software works much better, but. During this process, the microphone level slider will adjust itself. However, Windows 10 is not perfect in any sense. Why Microphone Level Keep Changing on Windows 10 It is commonly reported that Skype can cause microphone levels keep changing if it is configured to launch every system startup. These are the six most common mic issues on Windows 10—and the solution to each problem. Here, double-click on “Audio inputs and outputs” and the menu will expand. Right-click the Speaker icon on the right side corner of the taskbar. 1 Share ReportSave level 2 Op· 4 yr. Sound” or the Sound Control Panel link in the Sounds setting page in Windows Settings. Toggle "Developer mode" and click "Load unpacked". When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate comm. You should start by checking your hardware components. Open the Skype app in Windows 10 by double-clicking or double-tapping on its icon in the system tray, or by using its shortcut in the Start Menu. Method 2:Check your microphone's drivers. As seen above, by the accompanied people above, the microphone volume keeps adjustin itself to really high levels as to where some microphones, like mine, are really hard to bear with. Microphone keeps changing volume / cutting out. The Mic Keeps Cutting Out or Isn't Recording at All. Increasing mic volume in Windows 10. You can change its settings to fix the issue. Boosting your microphone level too much can cause a lot of static to be picked up by your mic. So, the simplest solution is to unplug the Mic from the connected port and plug it into a different port. Navigate to the Levels tab inside the Microphone Properties window, and then adjust the value of the microphone via the slider and click on Apply to save the changes. The snowball model is a great microphone for entry-level streamers, YouTubers and content creators for a somewhat affordable range. By and large, the sound settings in Windows 10 are sufficient for your normal audio needs. Click on Properties in the resulting context menu. Tips for Finding the Right Window Treatments. Change the Format of Your Microphone. Under Exclusive Mode, uncheck the box that says , "Allow applications to take exclusive of this device". Here are detailed explanations for specific versions of Windows: Change microphone volume in Windows 10 · Change speaker and microphone (bottom of the page) . You can try Windows troubleshooter to stop microphone auto adjustment in. Repeat Steps 1-4 of Method 6 to navigate to the Levels tab of Microphone Array Properties window. -Click Microphone and click Properties. The boost is there for "it just isn't enough" situations like yours. If you notice any problem in USB port or external microphone, change them without hesitation. That's why people keeps asking questions about low output volumes from USB microphones. The catch is, Windows Registry is an extremely subtle component of your system: even a tiny mistake can damage it beyond repair. How To Fix Mic Volume In Windows Being Reset? – Programming. Use your audio manager to change the mic volume. Microphone selection and level adjustments within Windows 10: Click the Windows button on your keyboard and type in Sound. I set the level in the sound control panel to as close to 0 dB as possible but Window 10 thinks it knows better what I need and keeps seemingly randomly moving the slider to the far right, to +30dB or in. Go to the Listen tab, and check the Listen to this device box. On my brand new Dell inspiron 13 7348 the microphone volume is so low that my skype partners can barely hear me. The Client log on screen shows the microphone disconnected in bottom right corner. All of your recording devices that have been picked up by the Windows 10 operating system will appear here. Log in to your Steam client and click on the Friends & Chat icon at the bottom right corner of the window. In addition to failure of hardware or software, a driver issue, a defective port, and a virus infection are some of the reasons for this. Microphone keeps resetting to 0 or 100 volume due to many reasons and one of them is a problematic driver. Logitech G430 Mic Volume Issue. You can access the dedicated audio troubleshooters if you are having problems adjusting microphone levels in Windows 10. The Sound control panel should display in the list of available options: Click the Enter key to load the Sound control panel. Look up "Manage Audio Devices" The sound thing will pop up, go to recording. Ever since getting this new laptop with Windows 7, I've tried adjusting the recording volume level of the external mic. Type “Device Manager” in the Windows search box and open the top result.