cb750 fork swap. We are also offering the required bearings for CBR stem to CB750 frame bearings by All Balls Racing. Here's a quick few hits of knowledge on modern front ends: Modern sport bike forks are often quite a bit shorter than your CB750 forks or those on older street bikes. CB350 fork swap questions. Several folks here and on other forums have suggested cb750 forks, which, up to 1977 are supposed to be a drop in replacement, where I can use my new bearing kit and cb750 axle with them. I'm about to attempt fabricating mounts to have my stock swing arm accept a CB600 (599 Hornet) monoshock. I had to slide the forks up about 4" through the trees just to get them to match the stock height of the CB360 forks, nevermind that I had planned to lower them about an inch from stock. Most of the models are designed for on road commuting and cruising, with some that are styled for off road adventures and vintage racing. They "emulate' a modern cartridge fork which has 2 way oil dampening, our stock forks the oil only works on rebound. Older CB750's have the same lower bearing as a lot of the GSXR's. Check out the site for Fork Conversion Parts!Find all of our Fork swap co. IIRC, the others you mention are wildly bigger than that and you will be changing EVERYTHING and pretty much none of it . For example, my 78 CB750 uses bearings of this size - Upper: 26 x 48. Your wheel will fit right on you just need another rotor and longer bolts. gives a nice 41mm fork and 17. for a much improved spark also a stem swap see's the triple trees/forks from said 600 pressed into service. 43 USD R6 & R1 Fixed offset Triple Tree Conversion (30mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm & 60mm) from $725. The front wheel I have no idea about, but you want to stay away from 69-78 cb750 front brakes if you can, plus your forks most likely won't have the caliper mounts you'd need. History The CB750 was an historic motorcycle often recognized as the most important motorcycle of the 20th Century. 25mm gap smaller for the press or. '80 Honda CB750 - Ace Custom Shop. 5 metres long and weighs just under 300kg empty. I would use them at stock height with an 18" rim You don't need to swap forks for dual disc on 550 though, just get the caliper and arm then change master cyl (unless you mean 750F2 or DOHC ?). Today on Tech Tips, we're going to show you the quick and easy way to change the springs in a modern cartridge fork. Plus just cause you don't see in don't mean it doesn't come with the bike did you even read the ad or just look at the pics? If someone was to collect all these parts from the swap meet I'm sure they would have more than $600 in it. you can swap ur rear shocks for a set from. Did the Swing arm widen for wider wheels in the '92 for example. cb600 hornet,zxr250,marusho magnum electra. Author Topic: swapping '78 CB750 fork on CB550 (Read 2921 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. CB550 Inverted fork swap? Looking at a 2003 CBR600F4i that seems close, but it is not an inverted front end. A few years ago I wrote about a motorcycle that looked just like a CB750, except it wasn't, it was a new Honda CB1100 fitted with a CB1100 Four K10 kit that swapped out the tank, side covers and a lot of other pieces to make the already somewhat retro CB1100 into a very close replica of an early CB750. By Marlon Slack on February 10, 2017 with a fork swap at the front and a monoshock conversion at the rear. #2 I did the conversion on my 78 CB750 F3. 75 Honda CB750 SuperSport EP05: Forks and Swingarm Removal. ‘80 Honda CB750 – Ace Custom Shop. Beautiful custom paint job gunmetal grey with custom one-off "wings" graphic in black paint, not a sticker. I'm interested in swapping forks but I have no idea what Suzuki DR650 motor in a CB750 F frame, Ducati 900 swingarm, Yamaha forks, . Hey guys, thought I’d share some info on the front end swap I did over the winter on my ’72 CB350. Now the project itselfits an 82' cb750 and i'm putting an 06' R1 SE front and rear on the bike (the swingarm is going to end up being custom to avoid having the wheelbase of a bus) ill be fabing my own subframe and I've chopped a 75' cb750 tank to fit that i think looks pretty good. 99 USD CBR Fork on CB750 Conversion Bearings Year Fork Year Quantity Add to Cart This stem allows you to bolt-on a CBR fork to a CB750 frame. About Swap Rear Cb750 End Honda. their Honda Nighthawk builds — latter-day CB750 machines with front end conversions, upgraded brakes, tank and swingarm swaps, and more. 99 USD Frame Year Fork Year Bearings Quantity Add to Cart This stem allows you to bolt-on a GSX-R fork to a CB750 frame. Also the brake caliper changed from a 48 mm (1. If you wanted to move up to a 21" rim, Buchanan's makes a 21" spoke set for the 750 hub and you can use a Harley 21" rim. Stainless steel brake lines improve stopping power, and our exclusive SuperBrace GL1000 fork brace sturdies up the front end. I want to do an internal front fork suspension upgrade to my 1969 CB750 sandcast daily rider. The only accurate measurement that I could get with my swingarm on the bike was 1. The fork tubes and lowers from the CB750C are too long to work for my application. The width of the GSX tail at the widest point is the same as the tank so looks in proportion. Actually, you'll ruin the caliper arm if you swap the forks to put the calipers behind the forks. The length from the center of the axle to the top of the upper tree is roughly 28. Quick Shop CB750K DOHC Rearset kit 1979-1982 from $559. This is an additional $20 so please be sure to select this option when adding this item to the cart. new member 1980 GL1100 Interstate GSXR Forks. These should all be upgrades for 350 builds, but I am unsure about other internal and overall length/travel differences. It’s something Cognito specialises in and this Honda now sports a set of fully adjustable Showa forks from a Suzuki GSX-R 750. The benefit is that you get the lighter, better stem of the GSXR and the machine work is very minimal. There are plenty of 35mm (cb550,cb450,cb750) and even some 37mm (Gl1000) in that mix. 5,555 results for honda cb 750 fork. As you browse their portfolio, you’ll run into “Marilyn” - a stunning masterpiece based on Honda 's 1982 CB750 Nighthawk. Specs: Made from 6061-T6 aircraft . Cognito Moto - http://cognitomoto. CBR600RR CBR1000RR Fork on Honda CB750 Frame Conversion Stem $153. Kit also includes bearings seals for top and bottom. Honda Cx500 Cafe Racer Build By Graeme Dobbs Featured Motofaction. You will also need to use the GL speedo adapter. See here for more, and just pop in one of the bikes listed in the Allballz page, such as a 1978 Kawasaki KZ400, to see the complete (and enormous) list. Thought I might have to part it out but I tinkered with it and got it running, it runs great! This week I detailed it, put about 40 miles on, and re-upholstered the seat. With the old forks off you need to remove the original stem from your GSXR forks and press in your Cognito Moto CB750 conversion stem. If you are even considering making one of these run you buy an 1100 or 1000C shaft drive for the parts. Low and inappropriate for the cafe racer conversion I had in mind. Wheels, tires and brakes: R6 front and stock Nighthawk rear wheels with Shinko 705 Duel Sport tires. I decided to go this route for a number of reasons, but it started out as just wanting to beef up my fork tube diameter from spaghetti noodle thin 33mm to a sturdy 35mm. The inverted forks are heavier, which an old 750 is heavy enough, and will look really out of place. amc49 CB750 Guru Messages 3,476 Reaction score 17 Points 36 Location Fort Worth TX. CB750 GSXR1000 Fork Swap Progress. Re: CB750 Dual disc front end swap (06 GSXR1000) « Reply #23 on: January 09, 2010, 06:52:14 am » I'm not suggesting you buy one, just use the concept, my 92 Nighthawk uses a headlight support frame between the upper and lower triple trees that's independant of the fork tubes also, he didn't invent the concept (as usual) but his execution. Cafe Racer Parts – Cognito Moto Fork Swap Kits Depending on your desired outcome (and budget) Cognito Moto offer a variety of services and parts to make the whole process a cinch. 99 USD Yamaha R6/R1 Fork on Honda CB700 & CB750 Nighthawk from $153. Simply press out the OEM R6/R1 stem, and press this one in. 6 in) aluminum single piston floating caliper for the 35 mm (1. The top of the range package is an all inclusive kit that gives you a myriad of options to choose from. I'm currently in the same boat man. I saw mentioned that a GL1000 front end can swap on to a CB750 to give it a modern braking system. Simply press out the OEM GSX-R stem, and press this one in. Fitting the R6 Front End to A Cafe Racer Honda CB750. 78cafe--- put them in his project, really likes them. I should be getting to this in the next two weeks so I'll post as I. just keep one thing in mind , if you lower the front end 2 or 3 inches , is the bike sitting level (meaning the loer frame rails to the ground ) cause if they are tilted either forward or back then the engine wont oil right and you will have a problem. You can swap the whole front end (forks and trees) from a CB 500. 300" wider, the '80 and earlier 35 mm. Year It will be for sale in the swap meet and/or the off-road racing pit area. Will work with 1997-2019 GSXR forks Fits 1991-2003 CB750 Nighthawk If you need stem pressing service make sure y. Simply press out the OEM CBR stem, and press this one in. These frame splice kits are installed to help remove Honda CB750 (69-78) top ends and motors. In addition, this means in theory there are a lot of front ends you could swap onto this bike. I am riding a 1980 GL1100 interstate that has been stripped down. USD vs conventional forks won't give you any better braking performance either. Use your current triple clamps or "the other" clamps. You don't need to swap forks for dual disc on 550. Cb750 Swap Honda End Rear. 1995 CB 750 Nighthawk approx 31,300 miles. About End Swap Honda Cb750 Rear. It is a direct swap and uses the same neck bearings. The difference is in the way the handlebars were mounted on the CB 450 triple tree. Honda CB750 Nighthawk by Vandals Moto. For this fork swap, we’re going to be adapting a set of 2011 Suzuki GSX-R 600 forks to our Honda. It includes a completely rebuilt 2011-2015 GXR-R set of. Quick Shop Under Seat Electronics Tray (Deep) CB750 1969-1978 SOHC. Mechanical & Dimensional Differences Between. Measuring it out, the CB750 forks are 2. Mechanical & Dimensional Differences Between CB450, CB500, CB550 and CB750 Forks. It had rubber mounts for the handlebar. CBR600RR CBR1000RR Fork on Honda CB750 Frame Conversion Stem. Same procedure applies to any fork and any motorcycle. The spring handles all compression duties. Frame: 1992 cb750 Nighthawk frame chopped and added cafe racer hoop. I'm wanting to swap a 74 750 front onto my 72 350K4. Does everything interchange, I. The 750 did get a tubular swing arm for the DOHC. It looks like you might have a later DOHC 750 fork on your bike. They rarely change shit on their bikes. Cafe Racer Parts - Cognito Moto Fork Swap Kits. Ripple Rock Racers Honda CB750K/F (69-78) Conversion using 1975-77 Style GL1000 Billet Triple Clamp Assembly gives you a super strong 37mm fork size with a . Both parts come from a late-model Honda CB1000RR,. Fork Diameter Chart for Cafe Racer/Street Fighter Fork Swap. Does anyone have any information on what works . By chance, he stumbled upon an original system from back in the day with a classic megaphone muffler. CB750 DOHC 1979-1982 Disc Brake Billet Aluminum Re $49. Twin 320mm drilled rotors and Brembo calipers is a serious improvement and with stainless steel braided hoses and a Brembo master cylinder the braking is now definitely worthy of a. Finally, I'm back where I love to be and that is wrenching on my 1975 Honda CB750 Super Sport. دبوس فارغة من الناحية المثالية GSX-R Fork on Honda CB750 Frame Conversion . 95 CB 750 Honda Nighthawk approx 31,300 miles. So, would the '81 and up CB750F forks be compatible by swapping triple trees also (meaning no alteration for neck stem or new forks)? The CB750F in the picture is the exact length I am going for although I guess these forks have been cut. The kz900 tubes just slid right out as I had expected which is how my cb750 fork tubes came apart. 550, 750) onto your CB 450 without any problems. Forks - restore them to original spec (prob just new fork-tubes, bushings, seals, & damper-rods), or, better yet, swap in a modern front end of the right length with nice cartridge forks and real brakes. Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than U. The procedure will be the same whether it's a GSX-R, modern Yamaha or Honda fork. This stem allows you to bolt-on a CBR fork to a CB750 frame. To launch the new workshop Gregorio got his hands on a stock '92 Honda CB750. Jun 16, 2018 #1 Hey, brand new to the cb crew I want to covert into a cafe racer type and want to swap out he fork and maybe lift the suspension and play around with it. Sometimes is really simple to just change out the steering head bearings and swap in the new . Either 7/8 or 1-1/4 bars your choice. He wants to return it to stock and will give it to. Next click search, (this may take a couple minutes to auto populate the list there could be hundreds of options available for your swap) 3. i'm pretty sure they are constant rate springs from the factory. By Marlon Slack on February 10, 2017 Tweet. Notice on the later model cb750f, the calipers are behind the forks but are mounted directly on the fork lowers w/o a caliper arm. I put them in my hawkGT and they changed my world. I've finally decided to take the plunge and do the GSXR front end swap. " "I have done a couple F1 and F2 rear wheel swaps on CB's. About Rear Honda End Cb750 Swap. 1995 Honda CB750 up for trade. End Swap Honda Cb750 Rear. ‘80 Honda CB750 – Ace Custom Shop. The original braking hardware on the CB is fairly shoddy to say the least and with the Ducati forks having come with the brake setup it made sense to swap them over. Perfect for custom motorcycles / cafe racer . CBR600RR CBR1000RR Fork on Honda CB750 Frame Conversion Stem from $153. A plug and play Honda fork conversion kit for CB and CX Series bikes using CBR 929/954/1000 RR forks and more. Messages 2 Reaction score 0 Points 1 Location San Diego. Warning, your milage may vary, and with any front end swap, the conversion table only lists inner and out diameters, so the new stem may be too long. cut a coil or two and see what you get. In the find fork conversion bearings drop down menu fill in make, model and year of the frame. This bearing kit works with the following forks: 1997+ GSX-R600 1996+ GSX-R750 2001+ GSX-R1000 This conversion requires a. Well, unfortunately I've hit a snag with the front end swap. 9 in) dual piston cast iron design for the 34 mm (1. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 13 of 13 Posts. 35 Honda CB-750 “750 Four” (70, 72) 35 Honda CB-750A “750 Hondamatic” (76-78). 1970 ish cl360 fuel tank ( I think ) Suspension: 2012 Yamaha R6 front forks w/ upgraded rotors & lines w/gold fork sliders Progressive suspension rear coil over shocks. This Kit includes top and bottom bearings. com (Coupon Code "YOUTUBE")Check Out my builds *** 500HP Voltex Evo 8 - https://goo. “All you need is a set of bearings with the correct inner diameter for the stem. This is Part 1 of the process, don't forget to check out Part 2 #HondaCafeRacerCB750 #CafeRacerBuild #C. Run by Alex Childs, Vandals Moto has become known for their Honda Nighthawk builds — latter-day CB750 machines with front end conversions, upgraded brakes, tank and swingarm swaps, and more. GSX-R Fork on Honda CB750 Frame Conversion Stem $153. Randy's Cycle Service & Restoration in Central Virginia. Yamaha Virago Xv920 Café Racer Build Vlog 17 R1 Front Fork Swap Pt 2 Of You. Honda VTR SUPERHAWK (all years) – 165mm …. I know the cb550 and cb750s have different stem lengths and therefore it makes it difficult to swap the trees across. I've found a bunch of parts on eBay and other sources, . Joined Dec 25, 2014 · 256 Posts. '73 TR7V Fork Swap options. The wiring ran through the bars and removal was more of an issue than I expected. 1980 Honda CB 750 Fork Conversion- Cognito Moto Stem in a 2001 GSXR 600/750 Triple Trees. Be careful about the fork-length. New shorty turn signals front and back. In my case, 26mm upper and 30mm lower stem sizing. The procedure will be the same whether it’s a GSX-R, modern Yamaha or Honda fork. Will work with 1997-2019 GSXR forks. You will need to use the GL calipers though. GL steering stem and bearings fits CB neck, CB fender fits GL forks, CB handlebars and instruments fit GL . Their front ends and front wheel wont take much to swap either. A quick fix would be a 19" Honda 750 wheel which are plentiful and affordable in most cases. They might have shown up sooner than that but I am not sure. We also know that mistakes can happen on both ends. If you need stem pressing service make sure you add it to your cart HERE. To launch the new workshop Gregorio got his hands on a stock ’92 Honda CB750. The forks have been rebuilt and lowered 2. Having removed the Z style high rise bars from my Honda CB750 restoration project I now had the task of removing the switch gear and wiring and fitting them to the original bars. so if you lower the front that much , make sure the rear gets enough to keep it sitting level. Commercial Cleaning New York > Cleaning Tips > unclaimed rewards binance liquid swap ← Why The Right Cleaning Equipment & Supplies Are Vital Posted on February 8, 2022 by. Otherwise you're on your own for shipping or local pick up. While the Nighthawk 750 may not get the same love as the rest of the CB750 family, the bike offered 75 bhp with a weight of just 474 lb — making it the. Work Series Fork Conversion With Cognito Moto. Your milage may vary… Kawasaki’s big fours are the following… 9. You may need to modify the stops so your bars don't hit the tank. The kit was from Whitehouse of Japan. Nov 29, 2017 - Stumbled across this list of swingarm pivots widths. Repairing Switchgear and CB750 Handlebar Wiring. Those inverted forks are not cheap either. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. Here is some pics of the forks and brakes from a 03-04 954rr on my 02 919. (and the cb750 forks which are 35mm) Anyone know if the ascot fork triple trees would drop in? Suggestions are needed! Something larger in . From the picture you posted, it looks like a 954/929 front end with Ohlins forks, 954 rear wheel, Custom fabricated swingarm. Measuring the necks shows the 350's at 7 1/8" long and the 750 at 7 1/2", with the difference in length due to a shallower top bearing mount on the 350 (thus the. honda ca77, megelli x2,fzr yamaha x 5 ,maxim,cb750. I've finished polishing one fork tube and need to do the other as well as the engine case covers. Socomoto : 1976 Honda CB550 : How to put GSXR Forks on a CB550 with a Harley 19'' spoke front wheel. GSX-R Fork on CB750 1980-1983 Conversion Bearings. Pete Schuyler's Honda CB750's: April 2009. All the bearings match, there's just a slight difference in stem length. The front forks on your Honda CB450 / CB550 / CB750 were set up at the factory to ride like marshmallows. Everything with a 33mm fork needs to upgrade to a 35mm fork minimum - if you think about it, anything more would be superfluous. so should transfer from the 750 by making top hat bushes for the 1000 frame keeping the 750 stuff. Things to consider with front end swaps. From this revolutionary bike, Honda developed a complete line of reliable four cylinder motorcycles to become the largest motorcycle company in the world and usher in an era of Japanese dominance in the industry. Here is another bike of mine cb750 that I did a gsxr front end swap ontrying to do the same idea on the wing. I started to swap front ends between the red bike and the green one. RC51 SP1 ('00-'01) or SP2 ('02 +) forks · CBR929/954 lower triple w/custom stem (Emig Racing or other) or the stem from a CB1000R, . Great info source for matching steering stems, fork swaps. 750 forks are about inch and half longer. Thread starter Johnnycash; Start date Jun 16, 2018; Tags forks J. Before anything, you should know your comparative fork length, as shorter forks are going to drop your nose and alter your rake and trail. The negotiations were monstrous, but the results speak for themselves, another killer cafe racer they call Chimera. "Today, we're going to be walking through how to do a fork swap on a '79 CB750 using parts from our Cognito Moto catalog. Hey guys, thought I'd share some info on the front end swap I did over the winter on my '72 CB350. Try my first front end swap w/ upgraded rotors & lines w/gold fork sliders Progressive suspension rear coil over shocks. I forced an early CB750 tank over the backbone of a 79 CB400T frame once, it just fit over the frame backbone and I don't think I'd want to ride with it fitting that tightly. XS Front End Swap for CB350. Honda was also producing a middleweight four-stroke, four-cylinder sports tourer and, in the process, it created a whole genre. Discussion Starter · #1 · May 18, 2015. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Specializing in vintage & classic motorcycles - all makes & models. If you are putting them on a bike like a cb350 I can imagine it would be quite challenging. I just think the trick is going to be making sure the geometry and loads are very similar. This stem allows you to bolt-on a GSX-R fork to a CB750 frame. "A CBR F2 rear wheel will swap onto a DOHC fairly easy, so should be simple for a SOHC as well. Plus, you don't need to worry about . They do have a dry sump actually, but the oil reservoir on a two stroke is fed into the engine through the intake. Honda CB750 Parts, Custom Performance Mods & Accessories. Easiest way is to have the cush drive machined down for chain alignment. The key factor is how long is the stem. But when Spain’s kings of custom, Jose and Tito from Macco Motors, found just such a ride it was the rare exception; a 1976 Honda CB750 with only 8000 km on the clock. Once the list has come up scroll down to the make, model and year of the forks from the donor bike. Pete Schuyler's Honda CB750's. I'm thinking replacing the front forks would probably be a huge improvement. ^What you guys are forgetting about the cbr wheels is they have been swapped to DOHC 750s and 900s alot. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 25 Posts. In this video I removed everything that was left on the frame. The 1000C was acually made this way. In theory a dry sump is superior, large oil capacity, kept. I have been searching and digging and scouring various manuals and forums looking for some definitive information about. the back requires a little more effort. 🢂Evo Parts And CZero Merchandise - http://www. A few years ago I wrote about a motorcycle that looked just like a CB750, except it wasn’t, it was a new Honda CB1100 fitted with a CB1100 Four K10 kit that swapped out the tank, side covers and a lot of other pieces to make the already somewhat retro CB1100 into a very close replica of an early CB750. This is Part 2 of How to Fit an R6 Front End to A Honda Cafe Racer CB750. Just wondering if there is any benefit in putting the cr5 front forks (upside . Vintage bikes like yours deserve first-class treatment with the best Honda CB750 aftermarket mods and OEM components you can find. My main question is to anyone who has placed a modern sport. 1974 Honda CB750 K4 Blog by Randy Creel, Jr. SO the measurement you need is the top of the stem to where it meets the bottom clamp. (2-3/4" higher in the front) I am raising the fork tubes 1 inch in the clamp as pictured and have ordered 2" longer shocks to try, which should balance everything out. +/- a half inch from the stock CB750 forks. Back when Honda released this CB750 a common aftermarket modification was to swap out the 2-into-2 pipes with a sporty 4-into-1 system. This stem allows you to bolt-on a R6/R1 fork to a Honda CB750 frame. Specs: Made from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum. Quick Shop Rick's Regulator Rectifier Combo CB350F, CB400F, CB500K, CB550, & CB750 OEM Style Honda Rectifier-Regulator $108. Honda Cb 750 Motorcycle Information: The Honda CB series is an extensive line of motorcycles manufactured by the Japanese company Honda. I am only finding information on the fork tubues but I want to change and I want to do an entire front end swap off a new motorcycle. u can't cut progressive springs). GSX-R Fork on CB750 Conversion Bearings made by All Balls. I really want modern dual disc brakes and suspension on this build. The bulky stock tank was also replaced with a. But you may luck out and find its a 1000 arm sleeved down to fit the 750 so some one could run wider wheel, fingers crossed. The entire fork assembly (with triple tree) will swap either way but fork parts are not equivalent. De Palma Cycles Punk CB750. You will need a upper triple from a RC51 , due to its flat surface to mount dirt bike bar mounts. The tubular frame with a matching tubular swing arm just looks better. Fork Swap From CB760? Discussion in 'XJ Technical Chat' started by Lanpoop, Feb 24, 2021. You can get custom triples made up to hold the forks lower down and "lengthen" them, but it is what it is and you will lose ride height with the . CBR600RR CBR1000RR Fork on CB750 1969-1978 Conversion Bearings. You use the triples that the fork uses OEM. dollars and are approximate conversions to U. GL steering stem and bearings fits CB neck, CB fender fits GL forks, CB handlebars and instruments fit GL upper tree, same length tubes, etc. This stem allows you to bolt-on a GSX-R fork to a Nighthawk CB750 frame. Very intrigued J JDDay CB750 Enthusiast Messages 33 Reaction score 0 Points 6 Location Albq,NM Nov 15, 2014 #7. If you look close or compare splice kits from the past 50 years, you will notice how our kits "interlock" and do not rely on only the bolts. So this is exactly how Luis approached his exhaust overhaul. A lot of special builds involve fork swaps. Will work with 1997-2019 GSXR forks If you need stem pressing service make sure you add it to your cart HERE. Re: Swingarm Swap CB750 « Reply #14 on: January 23, 2017, 04:11:58 pm » On the price of the CalFab swingarms, don't quote me on it, but I think they are to the order of $900 and I am not so sure they are available for the 750 Supersports with the rear disk, but I haven't followed it to ground. If you want inverted forks (and pretty much . have same angles as the later but the triple holes are closer together to use the narrower front wheel. 66 To that end the suspension was beefed up, with a fork swap at the front and a monoshock conversion at the rear. The 1000RR forks are about an inch shorter than that for anyone looking into buying a set of inverted forks for this swap. if omar can do cheaper his china fork tubes are good value. I know that they both use the same tapered steering bearings, albeit, there will be a portion of the top bearing protruding. S The forks have been rebuilt and lowered 2" and I have a set of custom made clip-ons fitted and ready to go. im not taking chances and I have a cb750 sitting in my garage as well . Making the swap a breeze is the use of one of Cognito’s own conversion stem working in conjunction with a set of All Balls bearings. This is used but it's a great condition. These are high quality tapered bearings. The front forks are off (I'll add some pictures soon) in addition to everything that mounts on them obvioiusy (Headlight, gauges, handlebars, etc. No idea where it originated, but thanks to whomever compiled it, and no idea if this list is completely, partially, or not at all correct. Mar 28, 2012 #2 I did the conversion on my 78 CB750 F3. The early CB750 swing arms were stamped steel and ugly. any more requires a set of lowered springs(no idea where u get'em. GSX-R Fork on Honda CB750 Frame Conversion Stem from $153. net has tons of info on the swap. CB750 1969-1978 Come with All Balls Racing bearings part numbers: 99-3511-5 & 99-3512-5 CB750. The donor is brought to life by an air-cooled DOHC inline-four. 4 The info from this to remember is the first measurement of upper and lower. Bearings are different sizes 22 X 29 X 30 on the 750 25 X 33 X 30 on the 1000. and bigger F forks require the different spaced front wheel that is around. They won't go in the early CB750 fork, just K2 and later. Makes for some very simple fork swaps. FRONT FORK SUSPENSION UPGRADE. damien is more up to date and you have to pay postage. Your own CB750 is a testament to that legacy, a beautiful bike that's just as home on the racetrack as it is on the highway. Also the tank fenders and side covers have been . For this fork swap, we're going to be adapting a set of 2011 Suzuki GSX-R 600 forks to our Honda. Some of the gixxers are 30x48x15. Anyone upgrade their CB750's front disk brake?. Honda : CB 1976 honda 750 f super sport. Also, I've found a few places online that describe the fork swap process, and they say best bet is to go with a CBR600 front end and all you have to do is change out the stem and bearings, if you find a complete front end. What significant changest occured in what year to the CB750 frame itself? Not Shock or fork improvements, but the frame design itself. If you have to put newer forks on, go with a set of standard forks, not inverted. 99 USD GSX-R Fork on Honda CB550 & CB650 Nighthawk Frame Conversion Stem from $153. That set up was designed to be trailing. Brand new black vinyl seat upholstery. A reliable, well designed and flexible base for his De Palma Cycles debut build. My friend just got a 1973 Honda CB750 the other day and it came with a few modifications like a fork from another bike. This 1973 Honda CB7K350 is in fair condition, it has a leaking head gasket, sticking front brake, some owner modifications to seat, turn signals, forks, and headlight, but other than that it is a classic 750 which turned the motorcycle market back in 1969 when they were first released. Search: Honda Cb750 Rear End Swap. Lower mounting tab on right side cover is broken.